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[Level 1] Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine

September 6 @ 9:00 am - September 28 @ 12:30 pm UTC+0

[Level 1] Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine

Professional 4 Weekends ▪ Field Experience

5.0 Drone Pilot for Professionals (100% Practical) ▪ Exam & Certificate

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Course Description:

Learn how to use the Google Earth engine and remote sensing software like an expert to acquire information about an object or phenomenon (Land, Water, Rock, Settlement or landforms, etc.) without making physical contact with the object. This is done by sensing, recording, and measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance (typically from satellite, aircraft, or drone). Special cameras collect remotely sensed images, which help researchers “sense” things about the Earth. Remote sensing is applied in RADAR, Laser, LIDAR, polarimetry, aerial photography, hyperspectral imaging, etc.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore Google Earth Engine: Learn remote sensing tools.
  • Understand remote sensing fundamentals: Analyze sensor data.
  • Master image processing: Enhance, classify, and extract features.
  • Apply knowledge to real projects: Solve problems using remote sensing software.

Our Certificate is Recognized by Top Industries

Certificate of completion

Remote Sensing Mastering and Completion with GOogle Earth Engine

Increased job opportunities and career prospects

Higher client confidence and trust


Courses Modules

1. Introduction to Remote Sensing

A. Principles of Remote Sensing
B. Remote Sensing Data
C. Image Interpretation and Analysis
D. Applications of Remote Sensing
E. Future Trends and Challenges

2. Introduction to ERDAS IMAGINE Workspace

A. Data Import and Management
B. Image Processing and Enhancement
C. Image Analysis and Classification
D. Earth Engine JavaScript API
E. Geospatial Analysis
F. Customization and Automation
G. Data Export and Visualization

3. Satellite Images Geometric Correction and Map Projection Training (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

A. Introduction to Geometric Correction and Map Projection
B. Satellite Image Preprocessing
C. Georeferencing and Image-to-Map Transformation:
D. Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) Modeling
E. Orthorectification
F. Map Projections and Coordinate Systems
G. Practical Exercises using ERDAS IMAGINE
H. Accuracy Assessment and Quality Control

4. Satellite Images Sub-setting and Mosaicking Training (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

A. Introduction to Image Sub-setting and Mosaicking
B. Satellite Image Sub-setting Techniques
C. Image Enhancement for Subsets
D. Managing Large Datasets
E. Satellite Image Mosaicking
F. Seamline Editing and Refinement
G. Mosaic Quality Assessment
H. Practical Exercises using ERDAS IMAGINE

5. Band Combination and Analysis (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

A. Introduction to Band Combination and Analysis
B. Spectral Band Manipulation
C. Band Combination Techniques
D. Advanced Band Math Operations
E. Image Enhancement for Band Combinations
F. Multispectral Analysis
G. Practical Exercises using ERDAS IMAGINE

6. Satellite Images Classification Training (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

A. Introduction to Satellite Image Classification
B. Preprocessing for Classification
C. Supervised Classification
D. Unsupervised Classification
E. Hybrid Classification Techniques
F. Accuracy Assessment
G. Advanced Classification Techniques
H. Change Detection and Time Series Analysis

7. Radiometric Correction and Analysis (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

A. Introduction to Radiometric Correction
B. Radiometric Calibration
C. Atmospheric Correction
D. Image Enhancement Techniques
E. Noise Reduction and Smoothing
F. Radiometric Analysis
G. Practical Exercises using ERDAS IMAGINE
H. Quality Assessment and Validation

8. Geoinfotech Online Test

A. Exam and Assessment

9. Award Of Certificate

A. Certificate

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September 6 @ 9:00 am UTC+0
September 28 @ 12:30 pm UTC+0
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