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GIS and Remote Sensing for Maritime

May 2 - June 1

Geoinfotech Introduces a Free Gis Training Workshop on Independence Day

GIS and Remote Sensing for Maritime

Professional 5 Weekends ▪ Field Experience

5.0 Drone Pilot for Professionals (100% Practical) ▪ Exam & Certificate

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Course Description:

Training is applicable to beginners and professionals. This course teaches you how to create, cartographically, and maintain marine data, coordinate plotting, and boundary delineation from start to finish. Advance your skills professionally and apply advanced GIS in Maritime database management and chart manufacturing program incorporated in geodatabase templates. Learn the fundamentals of GIS and how to use ArcGIS for Maritime Analysis

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive training: Covers marine data creation, cartography, and boundary delineation for all levels.
  • Advanced GIS for maritime management: Learn advanced techniques using geodatabase templates.
  • Practical hands-on approach: Gain real-world experience in coordinate plotting, boundary delineation, and data maintenance.
  • Power of ArcGIS: Utilize ArcGIS for Maritime Analysis, unlocking powerful spatial tools.

    Our Certificate is Recognized by Top Industries

    Certificate of completion

    GIS for Maritime Mastering and Completion

    Increased job opportunities and career prospects

    Higher client confidence and trust


    Courses Modules

    1. Introduction to ArcGIS Pro Essential Workflow

    A. Project Creation
    B. Data Management
    C. Map Creation
    D. Spatial Analysis
    E. Editing and Data Creation
    F. Sharing and Collaboration
    G. Automation and Scripting
    H. 3D Visualization
    I. Documentation and Reporting

    2. Introduction to ArcGIS Spatial Analysis

    A. Data Exploration
    B. Geoprocessing
    C. Spatial Querying
    D. Network Analysis
    E. Spatial Statistics
    F. 3D Analysis
    G. Modeling and Automation
    H. Visualization and Communication

    3. Building Geodatabases

    A. Creating Geodatabases
    B. Designing Geodatabase Schema
    C. Data Loading and Editing
    D. Geodatabase Management
    E. Data Integrity and Validation
    F. Querying and Analysis

    4. Maritime Boundary - Data Collection and Management

    A. Legal Framework and Policy
    B. Data Sources
    C. Data Preparation
    D. Geospatial Analysis
    E. Boundary Delimitation
    F. Database Management
    G. Metadata Documentation
    H. Regular Updates
    I. Collaboration and Data Sharing
    J.  Data Dissemination


    5. Building Martitime Geodatabase Management System

    A. Identify Data Requirements
    B. Database Design
    C. Select Database Management System (DBMS)
    D. Data Loading and Integration
    E. Data Validation and Quality Control
    F. Metadata Management
    G. Access Control and Security
    H. Versioning and Collaboration
    I. Geospatial Analysis and Tools
    J. Data Updates and Maintenance
    L. User Interface and Applications
    M. Documentation and Training

    6. Geoinfotech Online Test

    A. Exam and Assessment

    7. Award Of Certificate

    A. Certificate

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