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[Beginners to Intermediate] Geographic Information System (ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro)

October 6 @ 10:00 am - October 27 @ 1:00 pm UTC+0


[Beginners to Intermediate] Geographic Information System (ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro)

Professional 4 Weekends ▪ Field Experience

5.0 Drone Pilot for Professionals (100% Practical) ▪ Exam & Certificate

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Course Description:

GIS principles and ArcGIS techniques are implemented in this course to simulate real-world features, explore patterns, and make better decisions. Using ArcMap as you learn fundamental principles that are in GIS technology, you can work with GIS maps, explore data, and analyze maps and data. Learn and Develop your skills in spatial data analysis, processing and analyzing vector and raster data, making maps and apps, Learn how to Apply Python in GIS. 

Course Highlights:

  • Real-world simulations: Apply GIS principles and ArcGIS techniques for decision-making.
  • Fundamental GIS: Analyze data and explore GIS maps using ArcMap.
  • Data analysis: Process and analyze vector/raster data, create maps and apps.
  • Python integration: Use Python for automation and customization in geospatial workflows.

    Our Certificate is Recognized by Top Industries

    Certificate of completion

    Beginners to Intermediate GIS Mastering and Completion

    Increased job opportunities and career prospects

    Higher client confidence and trust


    Courses Modules

    1. Fundamentals and Principles

    A. What is GIS
    B. Components GIS
    C. GIS Functions
    D. What to do with GIS 
    E. Map Scale
    F. GIS Data Model

    2. Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

    A. Sign In
    B. ArcGIS Pro user interface
    C. Ribbon
    D. Views
    E. Panes
    F. Settings page

    3. Coordinate System and Coordinate Format

    A. Introduction to Coordinate Systems
    B. Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS
    C. Coordinate Formats

    4. Georeferencing, Geocoding and Geotagging

    A. Georeferencing without a base map
    B. Georeferencing with a base map

    5. Data Collection and Management

    A. Digitization using ArcGIS
    B. Editing of Features
    C. Populating and editing of the attribute table
    D. Attribute table basic calculation

    6. Cartography and Symobolization

    A. Introduction to Cartography
    B. Introduction to Symoblization
    C. Map Making for different purposes

    7. GIS and GPS Surveying Integration

    A. How to collect point data using handheld GPS (Field work)

    8. Data Format and Data Conversion

    A. GPX to EXCEL(CSV)
    B. EXCEL to POINT(Shapefile)
    C. POINT to KML
    D. KML to Shapefile
    E. GPX to Feature/Point

    9. Basic Operations with Raster Data Models

    A. DEM to Raster
    B. Points to Raster
    C. Features to Raster
    D. Raster Clipping
    E. Introduction to Raster Calculator

    10. Geodatabase Management System

    A. Introduction to Database Management System
    B. Introduction to Geodatabase in ArcGIS
    C. Designing the Geodatabase Schema
    D. Creating a Geodatabase
    E. Populating and Sharing a Geodatabase
    F. Working with Topology

    11. Geospatial Analysis

    A. Hydrology Analysis
    B. Surface Analysis
    C. Land Use Land Cover Analysis
    D. Nearest Neighbour Analysis

    12. Introduction to Python Scripting in ArcGIS

    A. Basic Fundamentals of Python
    B. Application of Python in ArcGIS
    C. Python scripting for batch processing in ArcGIS

    13. Geoinfotech Online Test

    A. Exam and Assessment


    14. Award Of Certificate

    A. Certificate

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    October 6 @ 10:00 am UTC+0
    October 27 @ 1:00 pm UTC+0
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