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Topographic Surveying in Abuja

Topographic Surveying in Abuja

Topographic Surveying in Abuja

Topographic surveying, otherwise called contour surveying or topographical land surveying is basically the first step in any construction or development project. The topographical survey identifies and maps the shape of the ground and existing features on the earth’s plane or just above or below the earth’s surface (trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, retaining walls, etc.). Olandsurvey Limited’s Land Surveyors are highly experienced in conducting topographic land surveys with remarkably accurate results.

Topographic Surveying in Abuja


Topographical land surveying determines the exact location and specifications of natural and man-made features on a piece of land by measuring horizontal lengths, elevation differences, and directions to determine the relative locations of points (places) on the earth’s surface.

A topographical survey will present accurate figures of the size, height, and position of diverse changes that have occurred over the course of time with observations of their occurrence or that of any manmade formations. Information from the survey is then turned into a suitable and thorough plan, which incorporates man-made characteristics such as boundaries, neighboring buildings, sidewalks, and so on. Natural elements such as trees, ponds, and ground contours are also represented on the topographic map.

In topographical surveys, most of the measurements are prepared with a high-speed GPS unit or with electronic EDM tools (that measure space with the use of light and radio waves).

The outcome of a topographic survey is contour lines. Topographic surveys show the physical quality of a territory. They allow contouring; Contouring allows the map used to determine drainage and run-off of the site. These surveys are usually used by architects, engineers, and managers to plan for areas of future development.


  1. Having a clear and accurate map of your property might help you avoid costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen challenges.
  2. In the case of purchased land, a topographical survey might reveal any information that may be hidden from plain sight, such as changes to the region over time.
  3. It can supply you with the information you need about the land before making any alterations to it.
  4. It gives engineers and architects the knowledge they need to produce acceptable and appropriate designs for the property’s specific qualities.
  5. It provides final as-built statistics to confirm that the site was constructed substantially in accordance with the proposed designs.

Topographic Surveying in Abuja

If you require a topographical land survey, you must first determine whether the land’s features are suitable for the intended use. Olandsurvey Land Surveyors is aware of the various scenarios that may necessitate our clients obtaining a topographic survey.

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