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No 1 industry leader in Geo-Spatial solution deployment. Our expertise in geo-technology and our robust Geographic Information Systems (GIS) store empower us to manage and process spatial data.

Data Sales
  • GIS – Shapefiles
  • Manuals
  • Maps
  • AutoCAD etc
Real Time Mapping

Creating rich visual representation of nature, accurate, with cutting-edge technology


Satellite Image Processing

Precised Earth observation technologies, we gather data with distinctive properties, so large and complex. Often deliver multi-source / multi-temporal / multi-scale information. 

Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSM, DTM) with precisions far higher

We create insight through location technology with the application of location-based services, ArcGIS 2D and 3D geospatial support services and mapping solutions.


Think Spatial of Growing your Business

Technology that allows you make better decisions.

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Advance GIS <> GPS Precision and Analytics

The power of maps to enrich, challenge, and expand your understanding of Earth systems.


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We render geospatial services, GIS, Remote Sensing, Web Development and Drone services for data processing, analysis, mapping and competitive intelligence that give you a competitive advantage. 

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Satellite Image Processing
  • Preprocessing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Transformation
  • Image Classification and Analysis
3D and 2D Mapping

We make maps as smart as they are beautiful, mash up multiple data sources. To detect patterns and trends, using powerful 2D and 3D analytical tools.

Artificial Intelligence in GIS

AI, machine learning and deep learning help us to make a better world by helping to increase objects crop yields, predictive police models to combat crime, predicting when the next major storm will hit


We boast of a pool of experts and a reliable team; who are authorities at various capacities, such as computer programmers, GIS Analyst, Remote sensing expert, environmentalist, IT experts and urban planners, we work collectively to provide cutting edge information and insights that meets the satisfaction of our clients.

News & Stories

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GIS Day | Celebrate GIS Innovation | 2019

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Drone Laws in Nigeria | Flying Permit
Drone Laws in Nigeria | Flying Permit

The content on these page is offered based on geoinfotech observation, only as public general information. We do not assure that the information will change or not in due time or accurate, complete or up-to-date. You should always consult and make more findings at...

Drone survey company for agriculture
Drone survey company for agriculture

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How can i get a drone survey for my land

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