Remote Sensing

 Enter the growing Remote Sensing sector, the art and science of capturing information about object, area or phenomenon through the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with the object, area or phenomenon under investigation.


Data collection is made possible with availability of Geodetic infrastructure (GI).

GI – set of tools developed for geodetic measurements.


Remote Sensing Basic Processes

  • Data acquisition (energy propagation , platforms)

  • Processing (conversion of energy pattern to images)


  • Accuracy assessment (radiometric and geometric corrections)
  • Information distribution to users (hard copy or soft copy)

Remote Sensing

Geodetic measurements are made using a variety of satellites, ground-based sensors and receivers, laser ranging devices, radio beacons, radio telescopes, and data-integration methods.

GI initiative accommodate marine, coastal spatial and terrestrial data or information.

Vector and rater are sourced from geodetic observing networks (systems) which depends on the existence of the GI to achieve their goals and provide significant benefit to society.

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As an individual interested in investing in your own career, or an organization protecting your investment in spatial data, Geoinfotech helps to make your dream a reality. Our dedicated training suite is designed for a variety of public courses to ensure effective, hands-on training. We can tailor courses specifically to your needs using your custom components, proprietary data, and in-house environments.

  • We provide training courses at all levels for the following:
  • GIS And Remote Sensing (making maps, Image processing and Geo-Apps)
  • Drone Mapping (operation, management and application)
  • Web Design and Development

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