At Geoinfotech, we offer training in Nigeria basic to advance, for

individuals, government or private companies in Geographic Mapping, Aerial Photography, Disaster Management, Precision Agriculture, Entertainment, Transportation, Oil, and Gas, maritime, most especially in the boundary sector, etc. This was introduced with the next-gen digital technology and understanding practice of how to solve real-world problems in Nigeria



Our training will benefit Surveyors, Engineers, Geographers and other related staff or any other field with an active learning curve and others who have been sponsored by a contracting company. It would enhance the rapid collection of data and improve the planning, modeling, design, and management of database and other resources


Our expertise in geo-technology and our robust Geographic Information Systems (GIS) store empower us to manage and process spatial data. At Geoinfotech, we always work with leading market software to deliver the best possible results.
Contact us to achieve your strategic goals through effective deployment of Geospatial technology.

It has been observed in our previous training programs, Osun, Lagos, Abuja, how effective our training has been, most especially the outcome of our students. This prompts us to explore much better and ensure hands-on practicals and field practice. But, what amazes us was their ability to follow up and adapt to the knowledge we render, most especially the hands-on practicals and field exercises carried out.



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