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Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water Pollution

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water Pollution

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water Pollution

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water is valuable in managing water resources, to eliminating pollution on groundwater, and surface water.


Groundwater is the largest available source of fresh water lying beneath the ground; it has become crucial not only for targeting groundwater potential zones but also for monitoring and conserving its important resource. Groundwater resources are dynamic in nature as they grow with the expansion of irrigation activities, industrialization, urbanization, etc.


Surface water includes any freshwater that’s sent into wetlands, stream systems, and lakes. The expenditure and labor incurred in developing surface water are much more compared to groundwater, hence more emphasis is placed on the utilization of groundwater which can be developed within a short time. In the study about any area you intend to work on, do this: learn about the archean rocks, structure, subsurface lithology, geomorphology, hydrology, and identify the groundwater potential zones.


Water pollution can be defined as the contamination of a stream, river, lake, ocean, or any other stretch of water, depleting water quality and making it toxic to the environment and humans. Water can be polluted due to; microorganisms (bacteria & viruses present in the water, generated by excrement, animal and vegetable waste) or Chemical pollution generated by the nitrates and phosphates of pesticides, human and animal drugs, household products, heavy metals, acids and hydrocarbons used in industries


1. Pre-field

  • literature survey and data collection
  • Image interpretation and creation of a spatial database


2. Field Reconnaissance

  • Ground truthing for spatial database
  • Finalization of the spatial database


3. Field Work

4. Spatial Analysis of data

5. Recommended recharge structures



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