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Drone flying tip checklist for a Beginner

Drone flying tip checklist for a Beginner

These days interests are focused on nerding out drone use. For this reason, it is important to understand the drone flying tip checklist as a beginner.

Geoinfotech drone training and services are for everyone, you don’t need to be an expert to fly one. For beginners who have an interest in flying drones, we guarantee a rewarding experience at the successful completion of the training course.

A drone flying tip checklist for a beginner entails having a good knowledge of the drone courses either through videos or via drone photography tips. Which can be online or via physical training taken by an experienced trainer.

And of course like airplanes drone crash too. This may follow suit due to inadequate training practices or issues resulting from a poor pilot error during preflight.

In most of our training, we ensure the use of a particular kind of care and expertise.  Like proposing the incorporation of drones to improve the way we collect information, especially around unlicensed and unlawful waste operations.Drone flying tip checklist for a Beginner

Every drone trainer must be guided by the following before flying a drone:

  1. For every country, there are specific laws that regulate the use of UAVs.
  2. Strictly adhere to every important detail in the drone manual.
  3. Check your drone for defects prior to and after each flight (preflight and post-flight assessment)
  4. For flying safely, it is advised to put the drone in beginner mode while practicing in an open space.
  5. To avoid staking out from your flight area, take note of flight hazards.
  6.  Installation of batteries and propellers should be done.
  7. Make sure you turn on the remote controller and connect to the drone to avoid unnecessary delay.
  8. If you using a GPS, use the remote controller paired to the drone to check the quality of the drone’s GPS signal reception.
  9. Understand micro weather conditions to ensure compatibility with your drone before flying.

To ensure safety reasons, it is advisable to set a geofence and pre-flight checklist before every drone flight.

Geoinfotech practice a unique learning curve, that help beginners withstand or overcome every struggle while piloting a drone for the first time.

What beginners stand to learn from our training

  1. A brief introduction of drones.
  2. The hardware components.
  3. The different drone types.
  4. The right sensors used.
  5. The Calibration and functions.
  6. NCAA Drone Regulations in Nigeria.
  7. Certificate of Authorization (COA).
  8. ROT certification.
  9. Drone insurance.
  10. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  11. NOTAM (Notice to Airmen).
  12. No Zone Areas.
  13. Professional Applications and Services.
  14. Reconnaissance Survey and Weather Conditions.
  15.  Our full Preflight checklist.
  16. Beyond Visual line of sight.
  17. Unmanned Aircraft System.
  18. Automatic and Manual flight.
  19. Above Ground Level
  20. Accelerometer
  21. Tracking
  22. Collision/Obstacle Avoidance (COA/TCAS)
  23. Take off and return Manual
  24. Data photography and Video
  25. Drone Apps and Software
  26. Online test and assessment
  27. Certification

There are so many projects to execute with our course study routine. So why not take advantage of this fast-evolving technology to learn all technical specs by heart.



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