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Geographic Information System – Python, SQL, DBMS
Cost: 100% Practical’s with structured learning|Geographic Information System (GIS) category
About this Course

Geographic Information System – Python, SQL, DBMS

This course will develop your skills in spatial data analysis, making maps application of Python and, apply SQL as a standard language for accessing and manipulating database.

Know more about Geodatabase, the physical store of geographic information, using multiuser relational database management system (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM Informix, or IBM Db2) or file system. 


Learn and use Structured Query Language (SQL) to access existing datasets and their properties, carry out attributes and spatial queries and edit both versioned (traditional) and non-versioned datasets in geodatabases. It is also used to create tables that can be registered with the geodatabase. These tables can contain non-spatial attributes and SQL spatial or raster types.


₦80000 2 Months | Every Saturday | Field Practical/Exercises | Free Manual | Free Software | Online Exam and Certificate | Practical Training | Working Data

Skills to learn

  • Use the new GIS technology to solve spatial problems

  • GIS feature databases and non-spatial databases

  • Structured Query Language programming

  • SQL for DB management

  • Geodatabase creation

  • Geodatebase management using SQL

  • Spatial data analysis via SQL

  • Manage GIS projects from launch through to evaluation

Geographic Information System – Python, SQL, DBMS

You’ll obtain a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the Course.

In your own time, learn at your own pace–without taking any time off work. Structured modules that meet your interest, Training system delivers the syllabus of Basic to Advance course

Career Advantage

Data management analyst has being a very lucrative work in this century

And when its comes to administering a database, SQL is the most sought after as most DBMS software has there own DBMS’s own SQL to work with the information stored in the database.


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