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Drone Photography and Videography
Cost: 100% Practical’s with structured learning|Drone category|Organisation Training
About this Course

Drone Photography and Videography

Maximize your skills and add value to any business by making high-quality aerial pictures and videos. Learn what it takes to highlight your aerial shots in this intensive one-day drone training.

In your own time, learn at your own pace–without taking any time off work. Structured modules that meet your interest, Training system delivers the syllabus of  Basic to Advance course, which tracks the progress of students through each module.

You'll obtain a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the Course.

Skills to learn

  • Use the new Drone Technology to solve spatial problems
  • Learn new skills that will make your work stand out

  • Produce professional and cinematic drone photos and videos. Throughout this in-person drone training

  • Launch successful photography and videography missions. After the in-person course


₦150000 | Certificate | Field Practical/Exercises | Free Manual | Free Software | Lagos Training | Practical Training | Working Data

Career Advantage

1. Cost of Qualifications For less than $1000! You can be licensed as an Advanced Drone Pilot and be ready to work for yourself, or seek employment with one of the many companies currently hiring Drone Pilots!

2. Zero to Drone Pilot Hero Certification in Weeks! Why spend years learning to fly a plane when you can spend weeks to gain an Advanced Flight Certificate and be a Drone Pilot! Start earning $$$ sooner

3. Excellent Salary! Many current Drone Pilot job listings show entry-level salaries between $50-$60,000!! That’s DOUBLE the salary of an entry-level airline pilot in Canada! And this is just the beginning! As the drone industry grows ever bigger the opportunities and salaries will grow as well!


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