Previous Training Programs

OAU Sport Area

Obafemi Awolowo University Sport Area captured with a drone Phanthom 4 Advance, During a Training Organised by Geoinfotech @ …
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Geoinfotech Training

Get 10% Discount Extra for each Person you Refer, OAU Training Discount for GIS & REMOTE SENSING DRONE DRONE SOFTWARE …
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Creating a Geo-database and Editing the feature class

How to Create a File Geo-database and Edit the feature class in ArcGIS. If you have any questions regarding the …
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Fundamentals of GIS

Fundamentals of GIS …
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GIS & Remote Sensing Training Aug 2018

GIS & Remote Sensing Training Aug 2018 …
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Supervised classification on Idrisi. Download Sample Data …
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drone image processing

Drone Image Processing using AgiSoft

 Download Drone Images …
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