Plundering Cambodia’s Forests

From 2001 to 2018, Cambodia lost 2.17 million hectares of tree spread, comparable to a 25% diminishing, as indicated by information investigation by Global Forest Watch.

The timber sustains an unquenchable interest for uncommon wood in China, where costs for extravagance timber furniture have taken off. One bed produced using Siamese Rosewood – which has been nearly destroyed in Cambodia – allegedly was discounted for $1 million.

“Once in a while, I cry. I feel frustrated on the grounds that I’m not ready to ensure the backwoods,” says Leng. “I see that the obliteration is so huge, yet nobody secures it.

With colossal benefits to be made, Leng’s examinations are embraced at incredible hazards.

Another Cambodian timberland dissident, Chut Wutty, was killed in 2012 while exploring a logging organization. A few increasingly timberland patrollers have been executed since, including three who were taken shots at the Vietnamese fringe a year ago.

Leng himself has gotten various passing dangers and had his gear crushed.

“I realize this is hazardous work… No one sets out to challenge the organizations,” says Leng. “For what reason do I challenge [them]? Since the organizations have made mass demolition the woods.”

Now and again, secured regions have been totally decimated -, for example, Snuol Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Cambodia.

Snuol Wildlife Sanctuary

Information: NASA Landsat/USGS

The haven was so seriously harmed, the administration expelled its ensured status in 2018 – surrendering there was nothing left to secure.

Going in a four-wheel-drive vehicle so old the back brakes frequently eject into the crest of smoke, Leng stops at the infertile survives from the previous haven.

“Possibly 10 years prior there was wilderness and a great deal of timberland and a ton of untamed life like elephants, tigers, rabbits…” he regrets.

“The privately-owned businesses came to obliterate, to end the woodland here.”

Different asylums, as Boeung Per in the north, are quickly heading towards a similar destiny.

, left picture, right picture

Boeung Per Sanctuary

Information: NASA Landsat/USGS

Be that as it may, regardless of the powers stacked against him, Leng keeps on hustling off profound into the wilderness each time he gets another tip-off of potential criminal behavior.

“This has occurred for 10 to 20 years – not simply this year, and nobody has had the option to counteract it,” he says.

Be that as it may, insofar as there are valuable woodlands to spare in Cambodia, Leng will be on the cutting edge guarding them.


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