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Surveying and Geoinformatics Copy

We analyse and record characteristics of a land area span to help design a plan or map for construction.

Our robust Drones and GPS are the currently preferred Surveying equipment in the industry.

  • Photogrammetry (Aerial Surveying):

    Surveys are carried out by taking photographs from elevated ground stations.

  • Geodetic Surveying:

    Surveys are carried out on a large scale with the help of control networks spanning over long distances.

  • Cadastral Surveying:

    Surveys are carried out to define land ownership and boundaries.

  • Topographical Surveying:

    Surveys are carried out to determine land structure along with variation in land heights.

  • As-Built Surveying:

    Surveys are carried out after completion of a construction project to check variance from proposed design.

  • LiDAR (Aerial Surveying)

This is the process of science and technology that develops and uses information sciences infrastructures to address the problem of geography, cartography, geosciences and related branches of sciences and engineering.


  1. Contour maps and lines
  2. For preparing engineering maps such as highways, dams and canals
  3. Topographic maps such as a hill, forest
  4. Planning of roads and bridges
  5. Marine, navigation routes and hydrographic surveys
  6. Preparing military maps showing strategic points important for the country
  7. Mine surveys are required for exploring the mineral wealth
  8. For preparing archaeological maps showing places
  9. Marking of boundaries
  10. Astronomical surveys help in the study of movements of planets for calculating local and standard times


  1. Improved communication
  2. Decision making
  3. Geographic information recordkeeping
  4. Low costs in surveying
  5. Precise results
  6. Cost-saving resulting from greater efficiency
  7. Managing geographically
  8. Preparing for construction
  9. Determining values
  10. Ensuring accurate values

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