Future of GIS

Future of GIs

The future of GIS presents endless possibilities through innovative technology and approaches.

The term geographic information systems (GIS) has come to mean, variously, an industry, a product, a technology, and a science. 

As a technology, GIS transcends disciplinary boundaries and has found wide acceptability across a range of application areas, including land use management, traffic routing/assignment, political redistricting, resource management, and environmental modelling.

As a science, there is no shortage of basic research questions that underlie GIS and transcend the particulars of the technology and its applications.

Geospatial methods have already brought dramatic transformation to data collection and strategic planning in different fields. 

When organizations embrace geographic information as a key component in their data strategies, professionals are able to explore fascinating questions and deliver meaningful results.

In the same way that GIS is used to make maps of cities and roadways, the technology is now being used to develop indoor maps.

The development of geospatial technologies is also heading more mobile-driven by consumers with GPS enabled smartphones and the push by governmental agencies to move their applications away from back-room offices and onto mobile phones.

GIS provides a geospatial framework to integrate and interpret results. Over the past few decades, the mass adoption of the internet has led to a glut of information that we have come to know as big data.

 GIS provides a geographic context to make sense of it all – while also providing the capability and the context to analyse that data in real-time.

GIS is being applied in virtually every field of human endeavour, from helping businesses identify new customers to enabling our responses to natural disasters.

The reach and influence of GIS are also expanding globally.

GIS brings all digital content together and enables us to make interpretations to more deeply understand and to comprehend what is happening in a spatial context. 


ArcGIS Pro Latest Version.

ArcGIS Pro Latest Version.

As the GIS industry continues to evolve and advance, Esri has maintained its commitment to...


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