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Aerial imagery Land Surveying Company

Aerial imagery Land Surveying Company

We choose to work with up-to-date trends of technology because it is fast replacing humans in many sectors by providing better and more efficient alternatives. This is why we as an aerial imagery land surveying company, offer the best commercially available imagery and maps.

What is aerial imagery?

Aerial Imagery is achieved through the use of airborne devices, such as helicopters, airplanes, and drones. Showing pictorial shapes of what is been captured.

Why do we use drones to achieve aerial imagery of land?Why do we use drones to achieve aerial imagery of land?

First things first, time management is an important goal in the day-to-day business at Geoinfotech. And so we make use of high-definition drones to maintain this policy because it saves time and money compared to classical terrestrial surveying techniques.

Furthermore, this goes to show that drones used to capture aerial imagery of land are a worthwhile investment for both our surveyors and the people who hire us.

We boast of good delivery when it comes to next-generation mapping, so look no further. As our drones combine smartly with performance, including six directional sensings and positioning and the ability to hold up to three payloads simultaneously.

Our surveys are carried out with drones of high mapping software solutions, capable of stitching images together thereby bringing the work of our surveyors at ease. If you are in need of a 2D or 3D map, our reliable software can process your data and render accurate images.

Despite the evolution in scientific research and mapping, the addition of photogrammetry is a very key option for absolute and accurate 2D and 3D models with precise coordinates. The immersive footage view from our Dji drones gives our audience a feeling that they are part of the scene.

Advantages of Aerial imagery in land surveying

  1. Aerial imagery gives a bird’s eye view of the land’s terrain, as it films from up to down.
  2.  Cost is saved to a very reasonable extent and time management is promoted
  3. It possesses the suspension flow of time, that is, it is capable of storing an existing land activity or form at a given time frame.
  4. Another uniqueness of aerial imagery is its three-dimensional view of the terrain.
  5. It has the ability to deploy rapidly, collect real-time information.
  6. Make simulations and models for building, repairs, and renovations.
  7. Worldwide coverage is easily available at different scales.
  8. The images produced are readily available to users when compared to maps. That is, the photograph may be in the hands of the user within a few hours of it being taken.
  9. It accesses and shows the thorough inspection of the subject in question


When flying drones, we make sure images are created with passion, in other to hold the eye of the viewer longer, because the viewer will feel that same passion.

Adding a slice of creativity to your projects will attract the kind of audience you seek, so why not give us a shot today via [email protected] to experience endless possibilities.


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