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What GIS Technician is all about.

What GIS Technician is all about.

GIS technician is one of the career paths in GIS, GIS technician make maps and customize geographic information systems application, they manipulate data to serve a variety of purposes.

They read and interpret maps, manipulate and understand digital land data, and manage data entered into a GIS database.

This means they can grow into disciplines such as cartography, database management, programming, and spatial analysis.

GIS Technicians also design or coordinate the development of integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) spatial or non-spatial databases.

They may also enter data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning or automatic conversion to vectors, or conversion of other sources of digital data.

GIS technicians should be knowledgeable about map projection and cartographic principles, Compiling geographic information in the form of satellite images, geographical surveys, and aerial photographs.

He must be able to research and verifying geographic data, entering new data into the GIS database. Drawing maps using advanced computer software.

To become a GIS technician, you need a bachelor’s degree in geography, computer science, engineering, or a related field. Related works like geography, computer technology, and cartography, computer programming such as python, CSS etc. are important to work with GIS systems. He must be able to communicate geospatial data in the most efficient way possible, able to analyses data and must be well oriented in GIS software.





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