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7 Tips For Maintenance Of Surveying Equipment

Surveying equipment is used under the most stressful conditions. They are exposed to extreme weather conditions, used in dusty construction areas and subject to bumpy transportation.

Adequate care and maintenance of the equipment, proper storage and good transportation are major factors in the successful completion of a survey.

Lack of good maintenance practices not only causes unjustified replacement costs but also can seriously affect the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment and the entire survey.

The list of surveying equipment includes:

measuring tape for surveying

  • Theodolites
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level and Rod

tripod for surveying

  • 3D Scanners
  • Total stations
  • Electronic measuring devices
  • GPS receivers and more.

These surveying instruments are designed to provide years of reliable use. The shafts, spindles, pendulums, and electronics of precision instruments, although constructed for rugged field conditions, can be easily damaged by careless acts, mishandling and continued negation of prescribed procedures for the use and care of the instrument.


Each new instrument is furnished with an operator’s manual. The manual contains a description of the instrument, specifications of its various components and capabilities, and applications. The manual also contains basic instructions for use of the instrument and describes recommended servicing and adjusting methods. The operator’s manual should be kept with the instrument at all times. Each operator should thoroughly study the manual prior to the use of the instrument, particularly whenever prescribed field adjustments are to be made

Some general principles of care, maintenance and servicing should be applied routinely matter for all survey equipment and supplies.

  • All equipment and tools should be kept clean and dry, particularly if they are to be transported or stored for any length of time.


  • Equipment should be wiped clean of dry mud or moisture prior to returning the equipment to the vehicle. The original painted or varnished surfaces should be repaired as often as needed to keep moisture from entering the wood.


  • Metal surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly. A coat of light oil should be applied to tapes and the metal parts of tools to prevent rusting during storage. Excess oil should be wiped off.


  • Before making the first set-up of the day, visually inspect the instrument for cracks, bumps, and dents. Check the machined surfaces and the polished faces of the lenses and mirrors. Try the clamps and motions for smooth operation (absence of binding or gritty sound).


  • DO NOT loosen or attempt to clean the internal surface of any lens.


  • Leave instruments in the case when it is not being used for any length of time, particularly if there is dust or moisture in the air. After an instrument has been used in a damp or extremely cold situation, special precautions must be taken to prevent condensation of moisture inside of the instrument. When working with the instrument in cold weather, it should be left in the carrying case in the vehicle overnight. If stored in a heated room overnight, the instrument must be removed from the carrying case. If the instrument is wet or frost-covered it should be removed from its case, and kept at room temperature to dry out.


  • Transport and store instruments in the right positions. Many instrument cases indicate the position in which they should be transported. Always transport the instruments in their carrying cases placed in a compartment cushioned firmly to protect them from jolting or excessive vibrations.
Surveying equipment and its usefulness

Surveying equipment and its usefulness

We offer a variety of surveying equipment and its usefulness has been commended to be top-notch. We often time let clients know that it is not wise to start building a piece of land without carrying out a precise survey on land. That’s why at Geoinfotech we make use of a variety of tools in observing and carrying out calculations during a field survey.


The surveying equipment we use during surveys:

Our surveyors this day’s work with equipped instrumentation to aid their investigations, mapping efforts, and measurements during geological fieldwork.

We make use of a vast set of equipment ranging from surveying rods for land, prism poles, GPS, theodolite, and so forth. All of which are needed for multiple survey purposes and measuring angles of points seen.  Whereas the precision of our GPS is enhanced with real-time kinematic.

Some of this surveying equipment’s are very useful in the field and can be gotten from our online Geo-store

  • Surveying tripods
  • Story poles
  • Measuring tape
  • Surveyor’s brush axes
  • Land surveying markers
  • Land surveying rods,
  • Marking paint
  • Surveying prisms
  • Prism poles
  • Tersus David Single Rover For CORS Connection
  • Garmin oregan 750t
  • Ruide RCS Total Station
  • Surveyor’s roll flagging
  • Theodolites
  • Tersus David plus GNSS RTK System


Mostly used surveying types of equipment are:

Theodolite – A measuring telescope used to ascertain horizontal and vertical axes, aligning the target at relative point positions on the ground.theodolite

Transit level – an optical instrument, or a telescope, with a built-in spirit level mounted on a tripodtransit level

Total station –  it assumes the functionality of a theodolite to calculate and record features in topographic surveying or to set out features like roads, houses, or boundaries.

Surveying Tripod – a special tripod built to support surveying instruments, such as theodolites, total stations, levels, or transitstripod stand

Surveying Prisms – is a corner cube or retroreflector, usually attached to a surveying pole and utilized as a target for distance measurementSurveying Prisms

Prism Poles –This measure the elevation of grounds already existing in conjunction with a survey level such as an Automatic Level, Transit Level, or Laser LevelPrisms poles


Benefits of our Land Surveying Equipment’s

  • Purchasing our surveying equipment can help clients to reduce capital outlay and save money.
  • They are the most up-to-date equipment on the market when hiring from us.
  • Yes, we assure clients of reduced-cost maintenance of equipment.
  • We offer expert advice on the best equipment to purchase and hire


Geoinfotech Resources Limited provide the best survey results and types of equipment for all sort of survey. By incorporating the best type of tool for the job, ensuring unique, speedy, and accurate measurements for every project.t

The task can be daunting but be rest assured that no matter the type of land survey needed, we have the proper tools in hand.

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