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Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data

Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data

On Thursday (04/14/2022), Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data during the inauguration of the 59-member council drawn from all states of the federation, as this stands to also improve the economic development of the country

In his statement, he noted that the council has the power to improve the quantity and quality of geospatial data in the country.

“I want to urge the new members on how we can improve the quality and quantity of geospatial data that is available. Our marine water is going to increase, these are matters that are directly connected to our future prosperity, security, happiness, and development.

Fashola also made it known that “The government can vouch for the qualification of the members of the council because they were carefully selected by government and to effectively discharge their duties and improve the quality of survey services in Nigeria,”

Fashola went on to say, developing human capital in the field was to prepare the next generation of surveyors for the task to make Nigeria prosper.

“We know how important geospatial data is to the development of any society, the more you have, the richer you become. This is the importance of your appointment in determining those who will play in the field of developing and harvesting the spatial data to help on how our life will be like tomorrow. It is a nation-building task.”

In the quote, he said, “We are serving to develop Nigeria’s human capital and helping to prepare the next generation of people who will take over from us. Just as some people were sitting in that council in a different year to make sure that the body was developed to where it is today. These people have gone and it is now our time to prepare the next generation.”

Clement Ikpeama Nwabichie, President of the surveyor’s council, was positive about the fact that the council would use its ability to diligently and effectively add value to SURCON when they take over office duties.

“We are aware of our responsibilities and expectations from all. We will always seek your advice to enable us to succeed. The minister has given us a template anchored on leadership, service, development of quality human capital, and geospatial development.



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