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How we carry out damp survey on building structures

How we carry out damp survey on building structures

Of course, damp issues often result in a prospective buyer’s mortgage losing interest and becoming rejected.
And this is more reason, you should be involved in how we carry out a damp survey on building structures.
When selling a house or flat requiring extensive work to fix a damp problem, selling to a cash buyer at auction might be more cost-effective.

Definition of a Damp

This can be the arrangement of dampness within the dividers of a building or timber structures inside the building.
 Damp is a genuine issue as it can make damage to the house structures.
Which affects homes, no matter how large or small, dampness is miserable to live with and a threat to health if left unresolved.

What is a damp survey?what is a damp survey

The damp survey is an investigation done on the property, mapping out moisture patterns within timbers/ walls.
In report presentations, emphasis should be focused on dense areas of damps within the building and the extent of sunk into the affected area. Then appropriate next steps to reverse reoccurrence.
Geoinfotech surveyors carry out this process however by looking at where the damp is present. How much damp there is, what damage it could cause in the future if it goes untreated and the best solution for treating the problem.

Why our damp surveys are worth it?

As moisture and dampness in buildings can be caused by a vast number of things.
it’s important to get a trained expert to examine the problem and find an appropriate, effective solution.
The alternative would be to attempt a universal fix that could have little to no impact on the problem or even make it worse.
 it’s vital to simply have certain affirmations with particular standards and  to resolve significant harm in the future
moist survey gives you affirmations while helping to anticipate form, therefore, amplifying the life expectancy of your home walls.
This is a great way to reduce unnecessary future costs to fix the problem should it worsen.


What to expect from the Geoinfotech Damp Survey?What to expect from the Geoinfotech Damp Survey?

Geoinfotech surveyor is doled out to visit your property once you have got booked an overview with us. At that point, our experienced surveyor will precisely analyze your property’s soggy issue.
 Knowledge gathered can cruel the difference between a right and off-base diagnosis, overall saving you a lot of money.
Clammy from the influenced zone are inquired approximately for occurrence concerns experienced or improvements seen in dampness over time.
Our overviews center on ranges posturing as dangers for more prominent harm however working efficiently helps map out signs of a moist.
Other current causes of that damp such as faulty or blocked guttering and the condition of any pipework or drainage is taken note of.
We access and take note of all these areas as part of the report you’ll receive from our survey.
Getting a professional damp survey from Geoinfotech damp surveyors, is the only way to properly deal with your damp problem.
Would you like a surveyor to distinguish the root cause of the moist issue and give the foremost fitting cost-effective detail for repairs?
Then arrange an appropriate time for one of our skilled surveyors to visit your property and begin the process of treating your damp problem.
If you would rather book a survey, mail or call the contact below and one of our team will get back to you.
Telephone; +2348163222177 or +2349018724833, Mail; [email protected]
How property for valuation is prepared by our land surveyors

How property for valuation is prepared by our land surveyors

How property for valuation is prepared by our land surveyorsIn order to achieve seamless results, property for valuation is prepared by our land surveyors to commence technical assessment of construction methods and materials, in order to give a detailed report.


What is a property valuation?

In property valuation, the assessment of property’s value is based on the location, condition, and multiple other factors. Your valuation will be carried out in person by a professional surveyor who will take notes and photographs, and then send you a valuation report

Now more than ever, the danger of carrying out inaccurate valuation is catastrophic; threatening the entire credibility of property valuation, putting doubt in the mind of investors, and putting performance measurement for landed properties in jeopardy. When executing property, a valuation report can serve as a proxy for transaction prices. This is of great value to professionals in the financial services, investors of like-minds, property owners, and the economy in general.


A snippet of how Geoinfotech land surveyors value your propertyland surveyors property valuation

At Geoinfotech our land surveyors pay a physical visit to the property in order to determine its value. In accomplishing this a visit is done by viewing the property for around fifteen minutes to half an hour, depending on the size and condition of the building. During the physical land survey, we look out for any obvious defects that might affect the value of the property and confirm key details for the owner/lender. We then proceed to market the value of the property once the visit is complete by looking at any sales of similar properties in the area within the past few months to see how much they were valued at and sold for. Local market knowledge is also important to ascertain the supply and demand for similar properties in the area when determining the value. It would be prudent for you to use a surveyor who is registered and a member of the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON).

Working principles to follow for valuation of property, before the arrival of our Land surveyors.
  • Provide adequate and necessary documentation
  • Follow a Covid-19 friendly hygiene protocol
  • Tidy up your property
  • Key renovations conducted on the property should be highlighted
  • Allocated time for the valuer to have complete uninterrupted access to the property
  • Don’t miss a thing

We look to provide advice that will alert you to issues that will affect the property both as an investment or asset. We advise on issues such as:

  • suitability for fit-out
  • space utilization
  • access
  • ease of sub-division
  • security
  • service charge levels
  • DDA issues
  • compliance with statute tenancy issues
  • planned maintenance.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your project in detail or if you are not sure what types of services you require, please call or email us for free advice and additional information.

Geoinfotech drone roof survey and property inspection

Geoinfotech drone roof survey and property inspection

Geoinfotech drone roof survey and property inspection

Routine professional roof inspection has a good paying-off capacity, rather than waiting for great damage to the roof.

Amounting to many thousands of Naira, which could have been taken care of, earlier enough.

The price of a roof survey pales into comparison when considered against costly roof repairs and the associated fees you’ll shell out to deal with water and wind damage.

In order to enjoy the value of your roof survey, it is important to know which kind of survey you need.

A different range of roof surveys is available, and each has its own specific set of specialties and criteria.

We also deduced that in carrying out a property inspection, reports don’t have to be confusing or cumbersome.

And Geoinfotech goal aims to provide complete and accurate information in every single property inspection we do, in a user-friendly way.

All inspection reports data at Geoinfotech are detailed, yet easy to read.

Delivery is within 24 hours of the inspection and we feature cloud-based access with quick-jump hyperlinks.

Look below to find a comprehensive guide to the roof surveys and property inspection offered by Geoinfotech Consultants, to determine which is the right type for you.


1) Visual Roof Survey

2) Extended Camera Survey

3) Drone Roof Survey

4) MEWPs Survey

5) Core Sampling

6) Electronic Leak Inspection

7) Thermal Roof Inspection.

8) Moisture Probe

9) Moisture Scanning


  • City Inspection
  • State Inspections
  • Construction Inspections
  • Bank Inspections

Our Services are cost-effective

The inspections and surveys at Geoinfotech are undertaken by professional Property Surveyors.

Who specializes in the assessment and remediation of defective property envelopes, historic buildings, industrial structures, and infrastructures, such as bridges and viaducts.

Geoinfotech property inspections and roof surveys deliver the highest quality results, safely and cost-effectively, that can be relied on to inform our client’s decision-making.

Geoinfotech experienced and the qualified pilot can capture thousands of images in just a few hours. This not only allows for sites to remain open with minimal disturbance to working operations or public use, it significantly reduces the costs of performing the survey.

Geoinfotech Property inspection and Roof Surveys with a Drone

With our many years of experience in inspection and surveying properties and roofs with our drones. Sometimes we inspect structures that are either too hard or too expensive to reach by conventional means.

Sometimes we encounter buildings that are just too dangerous to get close or access to. Over the years we’ve photographed everything from different project spires to aircraft hangars and home or event buildings to schools.

We usually supply the drone footage in ultra-high definition, for the client to assess in the comfort of their own office.

Previous projects done posted on the Geoinfotech website shows a small selection of the types of work that we’ve been commissioned to carry out in time past.

The cost savings over conventional access methods are fantastic so contact us today for an extremely competitive quote for the job.






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