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Essential drone operation safety tips

Essential drone operation safety tips

 1.  Pre-Flight Checklist;

Always start with a pre-flight checklist.

  • Check the memory card space of your drone
  • When flying outdoors always turn on the vision sensor
  • Check your drone batteries, controller battery, and phone/monitor battery
  • Check your drone GPS and Ensure you have up to 9 or more connected satellites
  • Before flying check the calibration status of your drone
  • Always know the distance from your drone to your controller, this will help you know the distance at which you can control your drone from your controller, so you don’t disconnect yourself from your drone while it’s on the air
  • Check for any defects in your drone before flying
  • Check the propellers to see if they are well-fixed
  • Check the camera, and ensure there’s no dust or fog on the camera
  • If necessary update firmware to ensure everything is in working order.

2.   Reconnaissance Survey;

Check the height of objects around you, buildings, cell sites, trees, etc., and observe any limitations or hindrances, this will help you understand the height you should maintain with your drone.

3.  Know the Rules;

Familiarize yourself with local drone regulations. Each region may have specific rules you need to follow to operate your drone legally. “Avoid flying in restricted areas (No-Fly zones) (Gov house, Airport, Helipads, Military Area)”

5.  Visibility;

Always fly your drone in visual line-of-sight — this means: avoid flying through clouds, fog smoke, or behind obstacles that stop you from always seeing your drone, for example, trees, buildings, or other structures.  Make sure you can always see your drone with your own eyes

6.  Be aware of the Weather;

The weather can greatly impact drone flight, so it’s important to be aware of it. If it’s windy, for example, your drone could be blown off course. And if it’s raining or snowing, your drone could get wet and stop working.

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