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Lagos takes new survey mapping, following the APPSN housing scheme

Lagos takes new survey mapping, following the APPSN housing scheme

Lagos takes new survey mapping, following the APPSN housing scheme, changing the measurement parameters that affected the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) issued 40 years ago.

Now the physical location of the property to a small degree has been adjusted and surveyors can thereby take accurate measurements through different technological equipment.

The chairman of the Lagos chapter, Rafiu Adaranijo, Private Practising Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN), a subgroup of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, made it known during the yearly general meeting and Luncheon, themed: “Professionalism and Longevity: Addressing the Dimensions of Wellness and Personal Health,” advised residents to seek information on the new Lagos survey mapping.

He also went further saying: “They remapped the whole of Lagos, using the new technology to solve problems like location shift as a  result of a new owner wanting to do a change of title”.

“We realized that the state government has improved its mapping and changed the coordinates.

“That is why we created a new Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) in Lagos State and with that, there is no way we can use the old instruments.”

Rafiu said the procurement of instruments was a challenge. And so the association’s partnered with instrument vendors to acquire RTK Multiband GPS (Emlid). Enabling receiver for members to pay in installments.

“This instrument procurement scheme to date has about 45 subscribers, while over 120 surveyors are currently accessing the CORS service even from the Office of the State Surveyor-General,” he said.

Property owners were urged by Rafiu to seek clarification from surveyors on how to reassess every mapping activity done.

Speaking on the proposed Surveyors Estate, he said, over 520 practicing surveyors in Lagos deserved decent and affordable homes, adding that the project would take off before July.

Rafiu said the association was adopting measures to ward off quacks while appealing to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to ensure surveyors are engaged in all projects.

Summoning the attention of all tiers of government, Rafiu said partnering with surveyors in projects will inhibit building collapse and construction failure across the nation.

Well, for the time being, the guest speaker and Associate Professor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr. Okezie Kanu, advised surveyors to shun isolation.

And that embracing interactions and engaging in regular exercises to improve mental health and wellness.

He also said mental health is the foundation of all wellness, hence, professionals should remain healthy physically and mentally for efficiency.

Earlier, the National President of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Dr. Oluwamotemi Olukayode, represented by Mr. Adewebi Vincent, encouraged surveyors to be the best they could be health-wise and emotionally.

He also makes a closing remark saying, “Your greatest asset is yourself. That is why you must take care of your health,”


NIS encourages the use of technology in preventing collapse

NIS encourages the use of technology in preventing collapse

NIS encourages the use of technology in preventing collapse


According to the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) at Lagos, the use of Global Navigation System (GNSS) Technology to monitor high-rise buildings will also help prevent building collapse.

During the press briefing, Adeleke Adesina, Chairman of the institution, disclosed that nowadays, smart cities must consider the importance of GPS technology as an important player for monitoring high-rise buildings. As the state cannot relent in constructing high-rise projects as it ensures land space planning.

Adeleke noted that it is an embarrassment that despite the availability of expansive professionals in the built environment, the state has continued to record incessant cases of collapsed buildings.

Adeleke said: “The technological improvement in global navigation satellite system techniques has allowed significant advancement of various methodologies applied to control building dynamics in real-time, especially for calculating, controlling, and interpreting satellite survey measurements.

“The real-time monitoring system works by implementing a local geodetic network with GNSS technology on the structure to be monitored. The timely identification of deformation associated with geologic hazards or ground settlement can save lives, avert large financial liabilities, and avoid severe environmental damage”.

“The advantage of using GPS technology is that it can detect if structure drifted even for a few centimeters. Besides that, GPS provides cost-effective and 3D information that is useful for structural engineers”.

Adeleke noted that “High-precision 3D Laser scanning imagery systems are used to monitor high-rise structures for deformation. Installation of the system in advanced climes to monitor the future behavior of high-rise structures to changes in the geological characteristics of the soil. Also bearing capacity that may even arise from earthquakes, tremors and other consequential processes that are of natural causes.”

While condoling all affected and present, he said deformation studies should be made mandatory by the government as a standard to check structures with more than two stories in Lagos state.

This will not only ensure the safety of lives and properties but also restore investors’ confidence in the real estate sector, which contributes significantly to the GDP of the state.


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