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Streamlining GIS software in the construction industry

Streamlining GIS software in the construction industry

Our take on GIS software to construction industries

Over the years, the “island of information syndrome” has begun to diminish, due to tremendous connective measures, GIS software has shown in improving the construction industry at large.

As a tech company based in Nigeria, we have been able to turn small, driven sectors of some industries into great titan industries. Capitalizing on the tech-based opportunities that can help them run projects easily.

Our GIS software enables real estate developers to implement proper coordination of plans, designs, estimates which fully gives a smooth work breakdown structure.

GIS software relation with construction industries

GIS software facilitates precise assessment in any given form of construction, either its road, factory, or any other site work. With this, complex information can be gathered by developers about the area and determine whether it fits for building.

In cases whereby natural disaster-prone areas portray floods or tectonic activity, as well as other possible disaster outcomes, GIS software helps to early identify such properties. With this in mind, GIS software allows fast, data-driven decision-making, since managers can calculate expenses and eliminate possible risks when building or exploiting a site.


With an image processing base map, GIS software analysis tools portray the story behind the data. Its analyses draw connections between geospatial features like:

  • Overlap between boundaries and key elements
  • 3D cause-and-effect visualization
  • Network interconnectivity
  • Statistical distribution and density models
  • Temporal patterns that show change over time


We encourage the use of GIS software as it enables relevant stakeholders to see exactly what the changes on the ground will look like to help them make better decisions. For example, GIS software may generate visualizations of an area’s current environmental conditions and allow users to draw comparisons between the anticipated results of proposed development plans.

Some modeling GIS software’s for floodplain mapping in construction site

  1. DHI MIKE Products
  2. HEC-GeoRAS
  3. ArcGIS Hydro Data Model
  4. GIS Stream Pro
  5. RiverCAD








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