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Introducing New ArcGIS Course

Introducing New ArcGIS Course

Introducing New ArcGIS Course


The  Geoinfotech institute has introduced a new course in addition to the existing curriculum. The new course published today is billed to begin in October running through to December. 

The course titled Scripting in ArcGIS will involve the showcase and explanation of ArcPy, from Introduction to Mastery. 

Participants who choose to study this course will be tutored on the intricacies of:

  • Python programming language foundations for GIS professionals 
  • Geographic Information System Foundations for I.T professionals. (Inclusive of Hands-on ArcGIS Practical) 
  • Using Python interface in ArcGIS to do more than the common conventional software interface 
  • Running your scripts on the command line (Shell) 
  • Writing Standalone Scripts for your GIS operations 
  • Customizing your tasks and operation by creating Python toolboxes 
  • Creating Shareable Tools, Buttons, and Toolbars for easy workflow in ArcGIS


This course was created due to high demand and to ensure the all-round development of students who choose to pass through the Geoinfotech Institute. Some prerequisites for the course include but are not limited to:

  1. A Passion for Self-development 
  2. Access to internet 
  3. Access to PC in good, working condition. 


The Course will run for a 10-week duration. As is the custom of Geoinfotech, this course will feature Geospatial professionals and tutors who are excelling in their respective fields of endeavor.

Participants will receive a Certificate of participation and excellence which can be used to secure employment anywhere according to the field of practice. 

This course offers an opportunity for General career development as it is open to both students and the working class who want to increase their knowledge of ArcGIS software in order to up their skills, increase their productivity levels, and add to their professional portfolio in the workplace while getting certified for opportunities in the nearest future.  



Physical classes will hold on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by 2 pm and on Saturdays by 11 am

Online sessions will involve 3 Live Classes per week at your convenience. 

Every Student gets Instant support from a technical instructor Monday through Friday. 

We hope you are as ready for this as we are. 



Cheers to greatness and more success in this educational endeavor. 


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