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All you need to know about Home Security Drones

All you need to know about Home Security Drones

All you need to know about Home Security Drones is another major breakthrough in controlling home theft issues and other intrusions. And over the years, the manufacturers have made new leaps towards improving home security and surveillance.

Today we delve into all you need to know about Home Security Drones to help you better understand how safe your home can be.

How do Home Security Drones work?How do Home Security Drones work?

Unmanned aircraft have been utilized for military operations and other enterprise security teams with a number of potential use cases, including improving incident response, investigations, and more.

With this, many drone manufacturers have come to establish their security surveillance gadgets and drones are not left behind as it is recommended by many target markets.

It is known that a California-based startup Sunflower Labs introduced its Sunflower Home Awareness System into the world and garnered huge public attention. Sunflower Home Awareness System combines in-ground sensor-packed Sunflower Smart Lights with Sunflower Flying Camera.

The sunflower flying camera illuminates the ground equipped with motion and vibration detectors.

This sunflower flying camera is capable of sending alerts to a computer in the drone’s base station when a physical movement is detected and other benign sources of noise.


Geoinfotech use cases of drone’s technology

  1. Precision Agriculture
  2. Routine border monitoring
  3. Management of traffic
  4. Surveillance of occasional events
  5. To land encroachment
  6. To guard and measure the perimeter of Land
  7. Detection of threats


Benefits of our home security drones include:

  1. High-quality camera capture
  2. Wireless bridge connection
  3. Prompt response to a command from a specified GPS coordinate
  4. Reliable
  5. Durable for long term usage
  6. Operational day and night


Our drone operators are able to set up seamless integrated multi-drone video feeds alongside your existing CCTV video feeds into their video management systems (Eg: Milestone, Axis, Genetec, Immix) of their choice.

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