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The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, SAN, has called for the use of geospatial data by the military and other security agencies in the fight against insurgency in the country.

The Surveyor General of the Federation (SGoF), Mr. Abuduganiyu Adebomehin also tasked the military to fully deploy the already collated data by his office to track and monitor criminals from the position of strength of its operatives.

The duo made this charge during the 2022 Survey Coordination Conference and Meeting of the Advisory Board on Survey Training tagged; ‘Geospatal Intelligence for National Security’ held at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Former Lagos state Governor Fashola, who was represented by Head of Department, Nigerian Cadastral, Coker Robert, noted that the office of the Surveyor General of the Federation (SGoF) is assigned to provide data of geospatial intelligence.

He urged the defense and security agencies to hold regular meetings with SGoF to tackle insurgency.

According to him, “With the help of Geospatial intelligence the movements and activities of the armed criminals can easily be tracked or monitored thus providing the military and all other security agencies the advantage of taking decisions and prosecuting war against criminal elements from positions of strength.“

Geospatial Intelli

Similarly, Adebomehin said, “Geospatial intelligence is nothing other than data in its right quantity, data saved, data disseminated, the implementation of that data in all spheres of life is what we have gathered to discuss and how it can be of importance to the nation as a whole and we are very hopeful that insecurity will be tackled successfully. We have one or two that we have identified.

“As surveyor, I will plead and enjoin each and everyone of us to follow the Survey Coordination Act Data. When you have data and you keep data your cover and you could not give the data to relevant authority, in that quest, for the insurgence in whatever form, then, the data is useless.

“We have deployed data and you can see the changes in the warfare away from the normal numerical strength of troops. You can see that bombs are being dropped and we have not heard any complains of dropping the bombs in wrong places,” he added.





Geographic Information Systems GIS is a tool mainly used to gather, analyse, and interpret data captured during the remote sensing process.

It is applicable in different sectors where it is used by professional analysts to analyse data for different uses.

Housing is one of the basic needs of humans along with food and water. A good shelter should protect the person in it from unfavourable weather conditions all year round.

Apart from natural disasters which occur occasionally, shelters should be able to withstand most conditions.

Even in cases of natural disasters, GIS has been known to help rescue efforts and help detect the best place to settle to prevent reoccurrences.

One of the main applications of GIS use in the housing sector has been in the area of dealing with environmental hazards such as floods, landslides, soil erosion, and drought. It is not possible to stop these events but GIS can be used to mitigate or decrease their impact



  • GIS aids effective land administration, providing the platform for structured housing and land management.


  • GIS can help individuals and businesses protect property rights, encourage open and competitive real estate markets, bring efficiencies in land administration (SDI, government, taxation, land consolidation etc)


  • GIS aids in Land Use Classification and planning.


  • GIS aids in the creation and management of Creation of address registers in partnership with local government areas, for easy analysis and upgrade of community database and mapping.


  • Besides mapping areas in real estate, GIS can also play an important role in spatial analysis and determination of the absolute location where houses need to be situated.


  • GIS Makes Performing Market Analysis Better: Market analysis is one of the most essential steps in housing. Research needed for each may differ in depth, but both require analyzing comparative sales in a given location. Prior to analysis, additional research is conducted on comparable properties recently developed in the subject property’s area.


  • GIS enables tasks including site selection, land suitability analysis, land use and transport modelling, the identification of planning action areas, and impact assessments.



Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data

Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data

On Thursday (04/14/2022), Fashola admonish surveyors to increase the generation of geospatial data during the inauguration of the 59-member council drawn from all states of the federation, as this stands to also improve the economic development of the country

In his statement, he noted that the council has the power to improve the quantity and quality of geospatial data in the country.

“I want to urge the new members on how we can improve the quality and quantity of geospatial data that is available. Our marine water is going to increase, these are matters that are directly connected to our future prosperity, security, happiness, and development.

Fashola also made it known that “The government can vouch for the qualification of the members of the council because they were carefully selected by government and to effectively discharge their duties and improve the quality of survey services in Nigeria,”

Fashola went on to say, developing human capital in the field was to prepare the next generation of surveyors for the task to make Nigeria prosper.

“We know how important geospatial data is to the development of any society, the more you have, the richer you become. This is the importance of your appointment in determining those who will play in the field of developing and harvesting the spatial data to help on how our life will be like tomorrow. It is a nation-building task.”

In the quote, he said, “We are serving to develop Nigeria’s human capital and helping to prepare the next generation of people who will take over from us. Just as some people were sitting in that council in a different year to make sure that the body was developed to where it is today. These people have gone and it is now our time to prepare the next generation.”

Clement Ikpeama Nwabichie, President of the surveyor’s council, was positive about the fact that the council would use its ability to diligently and effectively add value to SURCON when they take over office duties.

“We are aware of our responsibilities and expectations from all. We will always seek your advice to enable us to succeed. The minister has given us a template anchored on leadership, service, development of quality human capital, and geospatial development.


AutoCAD’s relevance to GIS users

AutoCAD’s relevance to GIS users

With so many rapid changes in technology, AutoCAD’s relevance to GIS users cannot be over-emphasized. For this reason, most people use the GIS mechanism and so there is a need to create interfaces between CAD and GIS.

And with several essential modifications to drawings, the 3D Map toolset included with AutoCAD, has provided increased productivity of our designs for client projects.

Definition of AutoCAD and GIS

AutoCAD is software-oriented and used to refine its features of drawing and modeling structures in 2D and 3D. Enabling the creation and modification of geometric models with an almost infinite capacity to develop all types of structures and objects.


A geographic information system (GIS) in simple terms refers to a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.


Why integrate CAD and GIS?

When we want to map out the world with accuracy and precision, we are to make use of GIS, because of its ability to do so. And so including AutoCAD into the GIS program, enables users to create a foundation to build upon and accelerate the speed of their company mapping ability.

Native file types in CAD, such as DWG files that store design data, and can interoperate with GIS files, such as SHP files, Raster/GIS from satellite imagery such as DEM files are used in the creation of realistic terrain for CAD designs.

And with the plug-in AutoCAD provided by Esri, AutoCAD users can easily access GIS files without having to leave the CAD system.

CAD and GIS Integration provides a clear understanding of the state of the art in this area of growing importance.

As a GIS Professional, one is often expected to have experience with CAD (i.e. AutoCAD, Micro-station) to the extent that they can integrate CAD data into GIS workflows and datasets.

The essence of workflow enables software to detect each other’s services, making operations significantly improve.

When data formatting issues arise, format tools like FME facilitates the auto-conversion and preservation of the data needed while eliminating unnecessary information.

And by this, objects from a platform can be utilized easily on the other platform without editing manually. That is, FME not only enables the information to flow from the CAD environment but also transforms it so that it is immediately useful in the GIS system.

Be informed that CAD technology can be integrated into GIS to boost productivity, asset management, and overall quality.


Many ask how to use GIS data in AutoCAD?

When importing and exporting GIS data in AutoCAD Map 3D. a map import is used to select trail data from an ESRI shapefile.

In the Import dialog, all layer names and the import coordinate system should be noted. Use Attribute Data to add object data and import. In the drawing, browse the imported objects and properties.

Our AutoCAD rendered models also:

  • Presents multiple viewing angles
  • Offers complete internal object placement
  • Animation is included, so clients can take a virtual tour, inside and outside of a building.


The knowledge of AutoCAD is relevant because:

It teaches the core topics required for preparing professional drawings using AutoCAD. Our training benefits clients from the engineering, construction, and architecture industries.

Additionally, you will complete a hands-on practical project that can be used to improve your professional portfolio.

We have got a standard crew that has worked together for years for neater and timely project delivery.

So If you’d like to learn how to use AutoCAD, you may want to register with other candidates for our ongoing training. And learn how to migrate your shared geospatial datasets into building a seamless database and enabling your project staff to have access to the most up-to-date information, so that you can be confident in the decisions you make.



The federal government intends to revamp its geospatial data center

The federal government intends to revamp its geospatial data center

In recent news, the federal government intends to revamp its geospatial data center that has been in existence for 10years with ₦1 billion funds of allocations to produce data. And also to make other products and services available globally.

When all has been put in place, areas like the West African sub-region, South Africa, and Kenyan, will gain the services of more surveying and mapping establishments. With this, requisite data will be made available for all sectors of the economy.

Surveyor General of the Federation, Abduganiyu Adeyemi, who disclosed during a media parley in Abuja, said when the center is fully functional, it will help boost revenue generation for the government.

The surveyor-general further went on to say that the government has shown its commitment by inviting Information Communication Technology (ICT) experts with Microsoft from the United States to visit to assess and resuscitate the center.

He declared: “To further enhance the general capacity of the center in providing optimal services, and real-time products and geospatial data, Ground Penetrating Radar System (GPSR) have been procured by the government.

“This will help in determining infrastructures, such as conduit cables, pipes, and other materials underground. We are working towards overhauling the high-performance data center.”

The surveyor-general also added that: “We have developed a weather station for climate change. It has started generating data to enhance the precision forest of weather while protecting the country’s territorial area to monitor internal security.

“We intend to discourage illegality in the activities of surveying and mapping to maximize economic gains. We have been hearing of collapsed buildings, bridges, and others, as a result of some form of deformation.”

To show that his office is working adequately in discharging its statutory duties, Adeyemi said, “they have concluded arrangements for the installation of new Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and restore 10 others in the country.

“Experts from Portugal are currently training 24 surveyors selected from the National Boundary Commission (NBC) and the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON). With technology, we can determine people entering our country,” he said.


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