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7 tips to increase your drone flying skills

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used for many different functions, ranging from monitoring climate change to carrying out search operations after natural disasters, photography, filming, agriculture and delivering goods.

Flying a drone can be very exciting but, at the same time, it isn’t really that easy and simple, especially for those who are first-time flyers.

Being a beginner can be a good excuse to fly badly for a while till you can find your footing.

Here are 7 tips that are sure to help you improve your drone flying skills.


  1. Take a training course: Let’s face it, there are some things you just can’t do on your own or learn online. You’d need to attend a physical class with instructors who will take you on a step-by-step basis. It is so much easier to learn to fly a drone when you have someone directing you on what to do.  Taking a course is a sure way to improve your skills in a very short time to the point that you can go from beginner to expert in a hurry without too many growing pains.

We offer two phases of Drone Pilot Training- Beginner and Professional. The beginners class is a good place to start if you have no prior knowledge of how to fly a drone. Check out our drone pilot training courses here.


  1. Practice with a small and cheaper drone: Controlling a smaller drone is easier because of how light they are. It is also more economical as bigger drones are more expensive and power-intensive. Smaller drones may not be the easiest to pilot but you don’t want to end up losing a lot of money if your expensive drone crashes. Our Geostore offers drones from as low as ₦120,000.


  1. Don’t just dive into photography. Be patient to learn the basics of flying the done first, making it stable, landing etc. Forget about photography at first even if that is your sole purpose of learning.


4. Watch Training Videos online. Search for a great drone training video and use it as a guideline for how you fly your drone or to augment what you are being taught. You can also read through articles and manuals like our ‘Introduction to drone piloting’ manual. You can watch drone-flying content on our YouTube Channel


  1. Make friends who share your interest in drones. This is a great way to learn new skills, as you watch what others are practising, and ask them questions about how they are able to do certain things. It’s also a good way to keep yourself motivated to advance your own skills when you see others learning and progressing as well. You can get this at your training centre as well.


  1. Learn one step at a time. You don’t have to start doing difficult aerial manoeuvres and tricks that only the experts can easily pull off. There is also no reason for you to take the drone 50 feet up in the air the moment you take it out of the box. Start slowly, with time you too can learn all the tricks you see online.


  1. Try to Fly around in a perfect circle: This is a great way for you to instantly improve your drone piloting skills. It can be difficult to do for a lot of beginners but we recommend that you try to find a point of interest such as a house or a pole and try to make that the centre of the circle.


It is important to know your main reason for learning how to fly a drone. Have a goal and let all your actions lead to the achievement of that goal. It is possible to learn more than the basics of flying a drone in a short time if you put your mind to it.







What to do if my drone gets wet?

It’s totally NOT recommended to fly drones in the rain, mist, high humidity, or over water bodies with strong winds. Many drones have venting holes that can expose the electronics inside to moisture. Once water gets inside, short circuits can occur and possibly damage your drone.

Some drones are able to resist brisk rain, but not for extended periods of time.

Generally, entry-level drones have venting holes, which expose the electronic board to water droplets. Once water gets inside, short circuits can occur and your drone may get damaged to the point of no return.


Here are FIVE REASONS why you shouldn’t even allow your drone to get wet.

  1. If your drone gets wetter than it’s built to withstand, the electrical systems could suffer short-circuiting. However, if your drone is water-resistant, it might survive a quick landing while it’s raining. But even water-resistant drones have a hard time handling a violent storm. 
  2. Water in the drone could cause irreparable battery damage that could affect even new batteries after you have repaired or serviced your drone.
  3. Water in the lens could destroy the frame of your camera and make it impossible for you to capture more breathtaking shots of the landscape as you would love to.
  4. Most Drones are not waterproof or even water-resistant so they are not adapted for use in the rain, snow, mist or fog. Flying such drones in the rain could damage the internal hardware resulting in permanent damage and a costly repair bill.
  5. Getting your drone wetter than usual will cause the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that controls the motors to most likely burn out causing the propellers to stop spinning. Additionally, all circuit boards may blow fuses and components, rendering the drone useless.


What do I do if my Drone gets wet?

  • Power it off immediately and take the battery out
  • Carefully disintegrate the parts, clean and air them to dry individually
  • Do a quick distilled water flush (if it fell in salt water)
  • Dry your aircraft for as long as possible.
  • Turn it on again and assess its situation
  • Take it for servicing and necessary repairs

Check here for tips on how to waterproof your drone.


Customs will deploy drones at Seme border due to smuggling

Customs will deploy drones at Seme border due to smuggling

Customs will deploy drones at Seme border due to smuggling

The Nigeria Customs will deploy drones at Seme due to smuggling.The Nigeria Customs will deploy drones at Seme due to smuggling. The willingness to embark on this mission was to ease and improve patrol at the border.

The command coordinator for NCS Zone A, Modupe Aremu, during a working visit on Monday, told journalists to present the need for drones.

In her statement, border management surveillance will be done electronically through the use of drones to ensure that there will be an area overview of what is happening.

“Seme command visit is the end of my tour in Zone A and acknowledged all commands, accounting for over 80% revenue collection by the NCS and also continue the good work.

“With the tour of all commands, all officers are doing well but they can do better”.

And they should be expecting impromptu visits from the Zonal Coordinator, so they should not relax on the job.

“Also, customs N300 billion contract, end-to-end automation is about to kick-off.

It concerns Information and Communication Technology connectivity; when it comes on board, we are going to have an electronic signature, drones patrolling the border,” she said.

She said the service was trying to reduce person-to-person contact to minimize human involvement, making work faster and more efficient.

Aremu expressed satisfaction with the joint border post buildings, commissioned on Oct. 23, 2018, noting that it ushered in an era of coordinated border management

“This is one-stop-shop and from what the comptroller has shown me, it is what has practiced abroad; this is really commendable that what we see when we travel, we have it here in Nigeria,” she said.

She urged Seme Customs to keep abreast of all the ECOWAS protocols in order to understand what was happening.

On enforcement activities, she urged the command to keep pushing as the nation at this point in time needed the service to properly secure its borders.

She expressed the hope that the scanner at the border would start functioning to help simplify processes as much as possible.

The command was charged to do a proper compilation of case files and prosecution of arrested suspects.

ACG Aremu said this to show the seriousness of the service in fighting smuggling.

Earlier, Seme Customs Comptroller, Bello Mohammed Jibo, noted that enforcement activities were not affected by the border closure.

Due to a remarkable interception of 1,244 suspected smuggled goods with a duty paid value of over N856 million made by the command.

In spite of unfavorable economic policies placed on commodities transiting through the Benin Republic, he said, the command was able to earn N719 million as revenue and process 635,149.23 metric tons’ export volume with a free on board value of N15.5 billion.

Having a good understanding of the host community, the command says to cement this relationship, a modern toilet facility has been built and handed over to the Badagry West Development Area and partnered with an NGO to equip the Badagry United Football Club.

“Some projects undergoing work or completed in the command are 16 classrooms for primary school, construction of 30-man rank and file quarters, and others.

“ICT interconnectivity at the Joint Border Patrol was as a result of challenges faced”.

This includes the signing of a bilateral agreement, the connection of the barracks to the national grid, and inadequate junior staff,” he said.



Zamfara State plans to combat terrorism with fighter drones

Zamfara State plans to combat terrorism with fighter drones

Zamfara State plans to combat terrorism with fighter drone

Matawalle Bello, the governor of Zamfara State plans to combat terrorism with fighter drones from Turkey to curb the activities of criminals

He said plans have been concluded to acquire armed drones with high altitude to fish out Bandit hideouts and gather intelligence.

He said his government will not tolerate laxity as it emerges “from the woods.”

That being said, the governor also revealed that he has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Turkish company that will engage in the provision of fighter drones to further assist Zamfara State in the fight against the bandits.

Governor Matawalle revealed this while swearing in 18 commissioners, 16 special advisers, Secretary to the State Government, Head of Service, and three Director-Generals.

The collaboration was formed when officials were out of the country for about two weeks on an official trip to the United Kingdom and Turkey.

He said the supply of drones would be “consolidated on October 20 when the Turkish President will visit Nigeria to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari.”

The trip was to seek assistance in the area of security, job creation and to invite foreign investors for economic growth

But, now the state government plans to acquire armed drones in order to access Bandit hideouts and beef up intelligence gathering to curb Banditry, Kidnapping, and other crimes

Governor Bello Matawalle also announced that the state has signed a memorandum of Understanding with a foreign firm.

 This is to establish mineral resources and gold refining Center’s to address illegal mining and create job opportunities for the people

He adds that under his watch gold refining center’s will be established to increase state Internally Generated Revenue, create job opportunities, and also put an end to illegal mining which many feel is one of the root causes of Banditry

Parts of its initiatives to boost the Nigeria Digital Economy Policy and Strategy.

 The Zamfara government has also secured Wireless Internet Clouds for two tertiary institutions in the State

The wireless cloud project provides a platform for supporting campus-wide access to internet service for teaching, research, and development, which will Extend to neighboring Communities.

Zamfara is one of the states in the country with the lowest Internally Generated Revenue.




drone Drone was first used by Militaries as a weapon of warfare, initial use of the technology in reconnaissance and ground attack roles. But over time, drones or UAV’s has been and is currently in use in various sectors of the economy, the most apparent application is the exact service that Drone provides: the use of drones for aerial photography and videography. From real estate to construction, telecom to insurance, Drone application is the #1 aerial imagery provider in the drone space.

Whether you call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Robots, drones are rapidly growing in popularity.

The future of drone in different sectors goes thus;


A remotely controlled drone

  • It’s likely that drones will improve search and rescue efforts. If someone is lost in the wilderness or another potentially dangerous environment, a drone equipped with a camera and infrared sensors can locate them and get rescue teams to them much quicker than in the past. Drones that have a long flight range will be particularly helpful in this scenario and will undoubtedly save many lives.
  • Drones would be able to get relief supplies to victims of a variety of natural disasters far quicker than any other method.
  • Drones can cost-effectively fly over sweeping plots of agriculture, and there are cameras that are able to detect patches of insects or other problems that may be threatening the crops.
  • Drones are increasingly becoming a part of life in the civilian world, if you have a medical emergency or become stranded somewhere, it may be a drone that renders assistance or helps rescuers find you. Whether they are used for business, rescue, environmental, humanitarian or recreational reasons, drones will be a ubiquitous part of our world.

Drones have a wide variety of uses, with this technology representing the future for many industries.


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