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Geoinfotech Drone Mapping, Surveying and Inspection Services

Geoinfotech Drone Mapping, Surveying and Inspection Services

Geoinfotech Drone Mapping, Surveying and Inspection Services

geoinfotech resources limitedGeoinfotech Resource Limited offers a fully accredited drone mapping, surveying, and inspection services-based system for the safe inspection of industrial confined spaces. Our technology allows you to safely map, survey, and inspect non-entry assets with full coverage, quick turnaround, and at a low cost.

Drone surveys are used throughout the industry due to the speed and efficiency combined with superior results and safety improvements in comparison to traditional methods. Drone Survey comes in many shapes and forms but generally relates to the measurement of data from assets using specific methods from a combination of data capture and post-processing.

Drone Mapping

Surveying an area of land with a UAV can also be referred to as drone mapping.  An operator takes off the drone over an area of land, shooting hundreds of pictures as it moves. With the use of computer software, they stitch and layer the images, creating a model of the site. This process is also how drone photogrammetry works, and the end result is an accurate 3D representation of the area.

Drone Surveying

A drone survey is a reliable solution for many types of applications and fields, including aggregates and mining, topographic engineering, environmental planning and monitoring, construction, agriculture, archaeology, inspection services, and forestry.

Geoinfotech surveying drones are actually FAA-registered aircraft piloted by FAA-licensed pilots. Our FAA licensed Pilot, Mr. Promise Omnisan flies the drone over the targeted area quickly and unobtrusively, collecting a massive amount of data using either UAV photogrammetry or a LIDAR sensor, which employs a laser to measure a target.

Benefits of Geoinfotech drones in surveying?

  1. Accurate and exhaustive data are prepared.

  2. Manpower risk and survey costs are effectively managed.

  • Save videos for future potential land buyers or city planners after you’ve surveyed the land.

  1. Inaccessible areas are Surprisingly mapped correctly.

  2. Record with greater accuracy thanks to our professional imaging camera drones.

Our measurements are not taken in just a few points but rather across your entire project.

Geoinfotech deliverables formats to expect with drone surveying?

  1. True color georeferenced orthomosiac images

  2. Digital surface models (DSM)

  • Digital terrain model (DTM)

  1. Contour lines

  2. 3D point cloud

  3. 3D textured mesh

  • FLIR radiometric (thermal) images, videos, and maps

Drone inspectionDrone Inspection

Our quality control inspections and mapping solutions can help you to ensure your projects meet the required standards. It also allows you to see what is going on without requiring a dangerous climb. Geoinfotech drone technology provides high-quality images or videos you need to make your inspections simplified and risk-free. Geoinfotech drone mapping, survey, and inspection can embellish your current maintenance program by providing essential data that are far more cost-effective due to the latest drone camera technology.

To discuss your remote inspection requirements using drone technology, then please either get in touch with our team via this link https://geoinfotech.ng/contact-geoinfotech-technology/  or call us on +234 816 322 2177 and schedule a free consultation.


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