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How Geoinfotech Use GIS for mapping customers Locations

How Geoinfotech Use GIS for mapping customers Locations

How Geoinfotech Use GIS geographical information system for mapping customers Locations

Geoinfotech uses GIS geographical information system for mapping customers Locations to improve clients’ satisfaction with the latest technology.

Mapping is a central function of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which reveals a visual interpretation of data

GIS means the latest mapping data can be communicated and used most effectively.

At Geoinfotech Resources Limited we provide fully integrated aerial digital topographic mapping services with the ability to take on any project in Nigeria and across the country.

With a fleet of distributed aircraft equipped with the newest digital mapping cameras, GPS, and inertial measurement systems, staff of experienced photogrammetrists, imaging specialists, programmers, and technicians.

This is what makes us spot-on, in delivering unique results from critical projects — on time and on budget.

Mapping Services to promote your location and meet your needs.

Our range of solutions includes our flagship interactive GIS Planning location analysis software, our six Intelligence Components.

All of which are stand-alone interactive data tools to embed on your website pages, and our beautiful turnkey data microsite templates.

In addition to our many years of experience, we have created products for government and commercial customers.

Geoinfotech experienced staff of imagery scientists and analysts will work with you.

This is to exceed a wide range of customized requirements within the desired cost, coverage, schedule, and quality constraints of your project.

Client-side geocoding: this is the most appropriate approach as it executes in the browser, providing a fast response to a user action for an interactive User Experience.

Requests can also include information such as user language, viewport, and region, to improve geocoding quality.

This type of geocoding offers two basic architectures, the first is to geocode in the browser and send it to the server, which allows customizing of responses as well as geocodes caching.

The second approach is to geocode and display the results entirely in the browser to reduce the load on the server.

The Google Maps JavaScript API provides classes that make this request for you, and the authors provide a code sample that geocodes an address, centers the map on that location, and adds a map marker on that spot.

Geoinfotech Mapping of Customers Addresses

Participant address data includes details of Longitude and latitude details for an address insert and modify both support the capture and storing of these values.

Recording of this detail allows the implementation of mapping features such as Google Maps.

Geoinfotech supports the retrieval of geocodes and the display of addresses with geocodes on Google maps via the implementation of either the Google Maps API or the Google Maps for Business API, depending on usage requirements. The Google Maps for Business API uses the same code base as the standard Google Maps API but provides additional features such as higher usage limits.

The Google Maps API key enables monitoring of the application’s Google Maps API usage and ensures that Google can contact the key holders about the application if necessary.



Transform your location data to street addresses and back with our robust & scalable Geocoding APIs at Geoinfotech.

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