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Effective Telecommunication through geospatial intelligence

Effective Telecommunication through geospatial intelligence

Effective Telecommunication through geospatial intelligence

As a fast-growing GIS market, Telecommunications networks have become expansive, creating large quantities of geographically dispersed asset data. Geospatial intelligence enables employees to deepen their connection with others and improve teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving capacity through effective telecommunication systems.

In the Telecommunication community, it is important to include Geospatial intelligence, as it creates a mobile user-friendly app for collecting asset data, that can be included in a digital network map. Enabling the view of network map in real-time and easily keeping authoritative data up-to-date.

With the rise in Customer expectations, we provide additional services to telecom companies to make them very competitive in the marketplace. The geospatial intelligence service provided by Geoinfotech enables telecom organizations and institutes to redesign their networks and rethink their operational procedures.

Encountered problems faced by Telecom community:Encountered problems faced by Telecom community:

Oftentimes hardship births Success and hardships are achieved by tackling challenges. And each day telecom industry is faced with so many problems for satisfying its customers. Some of the problems encountered by the telecom industry are:

  • Capacity planning
  • Personnel management
  • market Segmentation
  • Real-Time knowledge of Network structure.
  • Demand Forecasting


Integration of GIS solution in telecom community helps to:Integration of GIS solution in telecom community helps to:

  • Increase access to and reliability of infrastructure data
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Improve operational decision-making
  • Simplify planning for future networks
  • Improve response time to network issues
  • Invest resources effectively

The above merits help to improve operational efficiency by streamlining daily processes and increasing access to authoritative data.


Other Impacts of Geospatial intelligence in the telecom industry

The use of GIS mapping provides telecom companies with factors such as enhanced customer service with location data and imagery, efficient resource dispatch, and prompt sharing of location data. This enables telecom industries to track locations and have a better understanding of service layout.

GIS mapping lets companies know the geospatial relationships of their facilities, resources, and ground features, and provide faster and more effective customer service.

GIS also helps identify faulty circuits. It can help model the solution online and offer best-case scenarios, resulting in improved operations and enhanced customer service.

GIS mapping also helps the sales and service team understand their targets by tracking multiple layers of geospatial data and providing insight into the customer base.

Mobile Asset Management for Telecommunications

Mobile asset management monitors the functionality and availability of the assets that store, control and protect a company’s inventory throughout the supply chain. Such assets may include containers, tools, and even people. Businesses don’t want these things to get damaged or lost, and so they need MAM to assure their investments remain safe and they know where they all are.

  • Geospatial data may be applied to conduct mobile asset management across a slew of different circumstances. Whether you need planning or real-time tracking, here offer ways to solve common MAM issues by using GIS.
  • Provide real-time updates on local weather, allowing you to change or shift your plans to protect your assets.
  • Display truck restrictions to allow drives to change routes based on things such as height and weight limits on roads.
  • Offer a Geofencing Extension, allowing you to see data layers with information on postal code boundaries, for instance, as well as making drive-time calculations.
  • Use a Fleet Connectivity Extension for mobile dispatch, including sending regularly updated ETAs to the dispatch center.


For effective communication with clients to meet demand speedily. It is paramount to offer a robust, cost-effective solution that helps your organization enhance customer care. And with Geoinfotech geospatial intelligence, you are sure to stay on top of the marketplace.

GIS Software derived from Geoinfotech also improves the challenges the telecom industry face today, which are often time demanding and complicated. Contact us today for more information about our data offers and what we can accomplish together.





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