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Gis for Beginners

Gis for Beginners


A geographic information system (GIS) is a tool for collecting, organizing, managing, manipulating, analyzing, storing, and presenting many types of spatial data.

Sounds encompassing, right? How does this tool affect me as an average person? Anyway, it isn’t until I go to colleges or universities to study it and maybe probably because it’s in the line of my job or career choice.

Surprisingly, most all individuals on earth are already using or embedded into the almighty GIS circle in their daily lives and activities without spending tuition or intentional learning it or deciding on a career path in it.

GIS is Applicable in the following areas:

  • Mapping.

GIS has been a tool used to provide a visual presentation of data that  I and most people use in everyday navigation processes, location intelligence and analytics, parcel delivery and tracking, rescheduling deliveries, and finding where and when in respect to what distance or position.


 Gis for Beginners

  • Banking.

Banking has evolved away from the ancient systems of “I can only send funds or perform transactions in my physical location or a bank branch where I opened an account.” Through the application of a tool that has enhanced smart planning, organizing, data transfer, data storage, and swift decision-making in the banking industry, people can make secured transactions with their bank accounts from their comfort zones to other people in far countries where their preferred bank may not even have a branch. 

  • Telecom and Network services.

According to Statista in 2022, including both smart and feature phones, the current number of mobile phone users is 7.26 billion, which makes 91.54% of people in the world cell phone owners and users. These services use GIS to enhance their processes through better data management and location services.

 Gis for Beginners

You are viewing this blog post courtesy of some elements of GIS.

  • Disaster Management and Mitigation.

Efficient GIS systems protect the environment and are developed to assist risk and disaster management in different locations across the globe. This is done by developing tools used to measure risk factors. Refer to our previous blog post on How GIS can be used to estimate flood damage.

  • Transportation.

Airports manage their fleet of aircraft, make flight plans, organize schedules, estimate arrivals and departure times, and know when the weather is favorable to fly to other destinations by incorporating GIS in their repertoire of tools and systems.

The use of GIS has a profound impact on agriculture or the food value chain, at least on all humans, educated or non-educated, poor or rich, young or old depending on the food. 

Local farmers might not be vast in the use of technology but they use pesticides, and fertilizers, to export their farm produce. Though they might not directly apply the tool themselves in those processes, they are embedded in the system for the dream and accomplishment of a farmer is to grow and nurture healthy farm produce in good yields, feed on, distribute, supply, and sell to others. GIS is directly or indirectly used in all the processes of getting food to the table.

 Gis for Beginners


Surveying involves measuring the position of objects on earth, below the earth, in water, and in space through field procedures and the use of various equipment or tools: GPS, total station, compass, measuring tape, UAVs, and many others. The data gotten from field observations are incorporated into a GIS system which calculates, estimates visualizes, and prepares digital maps, plans, graphs, and charts for understanding, decision making, and implementation purposes.

 Gis for Beginners

The inestimable value of GIS in deciding many life and living factors cannot be over-emphasized. In every way, GIS presents a much more calculable way of making life easier.

Why Geoinfotech Surveying is so Important in Agricultural Sector

Why Geoinfotech Surveying is so Important in Agricultural Sector

Why Geoinfotech Surveying is so Importance in Agricultural Sector

Whether you envisage executing old or new projects, the appropriate surveying services required should be a topmost priority

The number of factors affecting agricultural projects includes the improper interpretation of land resource data for project preparation.

Surveying agricultural fields includes professional service following the dynamics and economical evolution to the development of agricultural sectors.

People today require the value of the land they acquire, hence asking for more knowledge, more efficiency, more results, and guarantees.

Neglecting the need to entrust their agricultural land resources to capable surveyors for unique and proper evaluation of the property.

For every single agricultural project carried out at Geoinfotech, survey consultants of soils and other land attributes are beneficial to the development objectives for promising land use alternatives.

This may include agronomic data about the prospective land use types, the agricultural survey plans that required land development works.

In addition, the cost implications are included, project benefits and socioeconomic implications of the project implementation, etc.

Previous projects at Geoinfotech revealed credible reviews from Clients about unexpected results which improved the value of their agricultural land.

Also, note that agricultural drone technology is booming. With more advanced drones with longer flight and unique sensors useful to the agricultural sector.

Drones can be used for a multitude of applications on a farm, from initial planning to continued maintenance.

Farmers can use drone technology services for many of these benefits, thereby creating a more cost-effective solution for time-consuming and expensive tasks.

Our experts are strongly related to, and are chiefly optimistic, about any given project and its outcome.

Our experts also provide land resources data which occupies a pivotal position in the preparation and implementation of virtually all services rendered during and after the completion of projects.


Precise Farm Plan

precise farm planThrough surveying, farmers are able to plan their planting and irrigation ahead of time.

Surveys can be used to simulate a development before ground is broken, which is especially important in farming, where profit margins can be tight.

Farmers can even simulate light and weather effects, to determine whether their irrigation is going to be efficient and to correctly place plants.



 Need for Licensed Surveyor

 The only person legally allowed to conduct a survey to mark your property’s boundaries is a licensed surveyor.

They identify the land boundaries to provide a certified plan on request that ensures project completion.

Also, note that surveys conducted by non-licensed surveyors do not have legal status and in the event of a boundary dispute of farmland, will not be accepted as evidence.

Open lines of communication

We manage data collection in and across Nigeria and halfway abroad. And so we relate important lines of communications, in order to get in touch with a target audience who long for such services.

Which also gets our survey team to be one point of contact on the field.

That’s not all, we also create a WhatsApp group, to relate information to students who require training on how to carry out remote sensing /surveying data.

Our contacts are obtainable at the company’s website www. geoinfotech.ng

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