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Difference Between Aerial Mapping and Photograph

Difference Between Aerial Mapping and Photograph

aerial mapping photographIntroduction

An aerial photograph in broad terms is any photograph taken from the air, Aerial photography is the production of photographic images from balloons, helicopters or aeroplanes; it’s used primarily for mapping.

Maps are graphic representations of selected Earth features. Aerial photos are photographs of Earth’s surface taken from an aeroplane at different distances from Earth. Satellite images are digitally produced representations of Earth taken from orbiting sensing devices on satellites.

Difference between Map and Photography.

The big difference between a photograph and a map is that a map represents a vertical “plan” of a region, while a photograph presents a realistic image. These photographs cannot be used for information when we draw maps. A special kind of aerial photograph is used for the drawing of maps.

Aerial imagery is one of the earliest forms of remote sensing. With its origins dated back as of 1858, and till date it remains one of the most widely used and cost-effective methods of remote sensing. Aerial and satellite images, known as remotely sensed images, permit accurate mapping of land cover and make landscape features understandable on regional, continental, and even global scales. An aerial photograph, in broad terms, is any photograph taken from the air. Normally, aerial photography photos are taken vertically from an aircraft using a highly-accurate camera. Quite often photographers require an aerial perspective of locations.

Advantages of Aerial Photography

  • It provides a synoptic view.
  • This type of photography is time-saving and economic.
  • It has a time-freezing ability.
  • It can provide a stereoscopic view of the terrain.
  • Aerial photography provides timely information.
  • Cheaper than conventional surveying.

Aerial photography is still a better choice for most business and personal commercial uses reasons such as, costs less and, in some cases, it’s more up-to-date, as many available satellite maps are more than a year old and don’t necessarily reflect recent changes or developments.


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