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A Trusted Store For All Geo-spatial Products

A Trusted Store For All Geo-spatial Products




Where can I get navigational maps in Abuja?

How can I buy GPS devices in Lagos?

Where can I purchase drones in Nigeria?

How can I get a drone license in Nigeria?

What is the price of drones in Lagos?

How can I access dataset?

How can I get a coordinate converter?

How can I access free GIS software?

Where can I get free vintage maps?

If you’ve been asking the above questions, we’ve got answers for you!


Welcome to Geoinfotech!

We specialize in Geospatial Information Technology, Geotechnical Survey, Data Processing and Analysis, Aerial and Satellite Data Collection, GIS, and Mapping. 

We believe in the power and use of geo-information tools to proffer answers and solve geospatial issues.

Our Geostore offer an incredible array of these tools, from GPS devices to drones to free software and datasets and more. This is your one-stop shop for all things Geospatial.


Available on our Geostore are several kinds of maps from different states in Nigeria including: 

  • Agro-Ecological Map of Nigeria
  • Oshodi Transport interchange Map
  • Umuahia Geological 
  • Okitipupa Geological Map, Nigeria
  • North-East Nigeria Geomorphology Map
  • Benin City Geological Map 
  • 3D Lokoja Northwest Map etc. 

Each of these maps has been created to specification and has different interpretations and uses. You may access them here


On Geostore we have a wide variety of drones you can purchase from as low as ₦150,000

Read more about Drones and find the exact prices here. Purchase drones here


Used for a variety of purposes with the most common being outdoor navigation and tracking, GPS devices are a technological advancement that helps to keep objects or people in sight and keep one on the right path when there isn’t much familiarity with an area. You can get GPS devices here 


For free software, license, GIS datasets, and coordinate converter visit here

All over our Geostore are several tools and technologies to aid your GIS study and solve all geospatial needs. 

For drone licenses, you may call any of the numbers on our website to speak to an administrator. The process is seamless as we make it easy for you while bearing all the stressful aspects.

Visit our Geostore today and thank me later!

I sincerely hope this article gives answers all your questions. If it doesn’t, be sure to leave a comment and any further questions you have will be responded to very soon. 

Enjoy your week!


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