Required Skills and certification to be a Drone Pilot

In the world of technology, daily advancement and technical know_how, Drone skills have become a great tool in various industries and being an operator means big profit.

There are different job specifications in the world of ‘Drones’, these skills can be used across all industries.

But career-wise the highest level of drone piloting is being a Flight Director.

Required skills to be a Drone Pilot.

One major skill of Drone pilots is to have strong and effective communication so that they can convey plan information and other types of data effectively.

They may need to respond to issues with the drone or flight path while operating the drone, so they should be able to process information and identify solutions to issues effectively.

Their duties involve checking the drone to ensure it’s operating properly before being deployed, so they need to have electronics and mechanical skills.

Having to fly a drone, activate equipment on the drone to do things such as take photographs, and monitor the drone’s systems at the same time, which means the pilot must be able to multitask.

Notable things to be learnt when training

An understanding of camera settings and video settings, and how the two are different.

The need to know how to photograph/film in real-time, not fix in a post which makes it paramount.

They should have an understanding of the time of the day, and how the filming techniques will change depending on it.

For example, knowing how to fly with the sun behind you and avoiding drone shadows in the frame, while also maintaining great exposure.

Knowing how to use ND filters and adjust accordingly.

They should have the ability to manually fly in a way that’s smooth and gentle so that when the flights are sped up, the footage is perfect.

Certification in Drone.

You get a Pilot Certificate from the FAA(The Federal Aviation Administration) – is a governmental body of the United States with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation(which you’ll need to renew every two years):

For Nigeria, the application must be submitted to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, If all the registration requirements are met, the RPA( Robotic Process Automation) is registered in the Nigeria Civil Aviation Directory and the certificate is issued.

Each certification differs from for each country.

You can’t work in the drone industry without a license. This certificate demonstrates that you’re cognizant of operating requirements, regulations, and how to safely fly a drone.

Insurance plans when building a career in the drone.

Drone Aviation Liability Insurance: While it isn’t technically required by law, drone liability insurance keeps you protected against third-party claims of injury or property damage.

For example, if you flew your drone in a restricted area, you could still be held financially accountable for damages.

Pay as you go, insurance companies are not an option for us!

Hull Insurance: Insures the drones themselves against any possible damage.

If you accidentally fly your drone into a wall, you’ll be able to get partial or full-reimbursement for a new one.

Note that this only cover the drone, and not onboard equipment.

You want to cover onboard equipment, you’ll have to consider getting a separate policy, called payload insurance. This covers any equipment/ sensors attached to the drone.

At Geointofech, we offer a variety of courses under drones in addition to the required skills needed to be professionals in the world of ‘Drone’.

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