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Drone Training for Beginners
Cost: 100% Practical’s with structured learning|Drone category
About this Course

Drone Training for Beginners

On Professional Pilot Training, you will learn how to operate develop your skills in different drone operations, flight planning, inspection, in different weather conditions enabling you to fly a drone as a pro

This course will give you the knowledge to start drone-based project. Visual images and models are the most common.


Career Advantage

Companies like AutoDesk –AutoCad software makers familiar to architects and builders–have embraced drone technology, investing heavily in drones to seize new opportunities. Thousands of drone technology companies are developing mapping and photogrammetry tools for various applications; and one field that may be among the first to take off with the commercial drone industry.

For example, the recent use of drones to survey wildlife has allowed researchers to use photogrammetry to assess whale health; mapping has helped rescue and rebuilding efforts after earthquakes and other disasters in many undeveloped countries. The future mapping and photogrammetry applications can only extend with drones that have been unachievable–or at least expensive and difficult to reach –using traditional means.


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