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May 12, 2019

Experts in Drone UAV Services, Pipeline Inspections, Gas Leak Detection, Automated Tank Inspections, Data Processing, and GIS

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Geoinfotech is a leading provider of unmanned aircraft (UAV)  geographical data collection, high-end aerial photography.

We integrate extensive geodesy, topography surveillance, aerial mapping, gas detection, pipeline inspections and 3D visualization knowledge and experience into one company.

Our pride in quality and safety ensures successful and secure operations in our customers’ challenging environments, on and offshore.

We work in Nigeria and Other Countries.

Geoinfotech is part of the frontier of Training and Professional Services With over 500 students,  this is Nigeria’s largest provider of commercial drone services.


A leading innovator in the collection, evaluation, study, and processing of UAV-drone geospatial data.

From our office in Lagos – Geoifotech specializes in the integration of advanced drone data acquisition technologies with high-performance GIS analysis and visualization tools to produce rich client-specific geospatial data sets, high-quality imagery, terrain feature models, geo-referenced asset inspection, and facilities management information.

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What is Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making...

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