Land Management-Cadastral Land Information System

Cadastral development

Cadastral Land Management

Land administration is the process whereby land and information about its ownership is effectively in the control of a central authority that regulates the structure and patterns of land ownerships, land use, 

Land management also give access of the public to land resources in such a way that it is used in a sustainable manner from both environmental and economic perspectives.

A Cadastral/Land Information System is a tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making and an aid for planning and development

A key component to the improvement and management of land  is the use of Land/Cadastral Information System  

In most developed countries, over 80 percent of national and prospective allocation and environmental management decision is based on quality and accurate information

The role of cadastral information system is to enhance management and control of and resources for sustainable development.

Ideals of land management

An ideal land administration must be able to include the provision of information on land in an effective and efficient way to correctly identify those people who have interest in real estate and providing information about these interests. 

It must allow easy access to land for development where it is needed, increase efficiency in land use management through good planning, and promote greater social equity. 

It should also allow for revenue generation to the government (taxation), maintenance of environmental quality and provide security of tenure.

Uses of cadastral management

Cadastral Information System is capable of producing an accurate computer-aided cadastral map and can cope with large volume of spatial and non-spatial data.

Cadastral systems address equity, economic and social needs, and are equally applicable in both the urban and rural sectors.


Author: jamba-Oda Yinka

CO-author: Ologunagbe Olamide



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