Drone precision agriculture

Drone Aerial Surveying Company Leader for agriculture in Nigeria. 

Identify yield threats before setting foot in the field

We capture, analyze, and map aerial data quickly and more cost-effectively in Nigeria with Leading Drone Tech to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets.

We fly easily over your land in less time

We process multi-spectral data 

Get your field-side with Live Map.

We Analyse, Interprete and Recommend solution for your agricultural products


Agriculture intelligence designed to enhance management decisions year-round



































Image Processing

We gather data with distinctive properties, so large and complex. Often deliver multi-source / multi-temporal / multi-scale information designed to take your industrial projects to the next level. Whether it’s object classification, site inspections, mapping solutions and more

Mapping & Aerial Surveying

Collect, measure and analyze data with accuracy across projects

Inspection - Infrastructure

Easily perform detailed inspections on complex assets and structures


Train with the Experts at Geoinfotech. Advance your career in Drone Surveying, Photography, 3D Mapping


Get an in-depth understanding of your field to help you generate greater yields enhancing management decisions and production year-round


Collect, measure and analyze data with accuracy across projects

Mapping 2D & 3D Models

Enhance Crop production

We help make products to market faster with greater performance insights.

Demonstrate product performance in a variety of trial settings
Manage your field into plots and monitor crop

Real-time Mapping

Quickly generate a 2D orthomosaic of the selected area in real-time. Not only do we create detailed flight paths in remote areas but we also do time-sensitive missions that require quick decision-making on site.

2D and 3D Multispectral Reconstruction

We Process multispectral images to generate vegetation index maps including NDVI and NDRE. Create prescription maps for variable rate application using DJI’s Agras drones to improve crop yields while driving down costs.

*Aircraft supported: P4 Multispectral
Multispectral Imaging Bands supported:
Blue (B): 450 nm ± 16 nm, green (G): 560 nm ± 16 nm, red (R): 650 nm ± 16 nm,
red edge (RE): 730 nm ± 16 nm, near-infrared (NIR): 840 nm ± 26 nm
Vegetation indices supported: NDVI, GNDVI, NDRE, LCI, OSAVI.

Data Analysis

Drone Inspection and Mapping Geoinfotech

Agriculture service provider

We enhance your crop offering with precise aerial data.

We verify your services pre- and post-treatment applications

Acquire key dimensions across an array of terrains with  analysis tools that enable you to obtain a variety of measurement data based on linear, area and volumetric measurements.


Photo Inspection

Closely inspect every photo of the model so you can pinpoint and highlight any critical elements in the real world.

Drone Aerial Surveying and Mapping in Nigeria


The Beginning of Next Generation Mapping Solutions

We are a full time mapping and Inspection solution company in Nigeria


Training Program


Training Venues


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