Geographic Information System (GIS) in the Security Sector

Geospatial technologies (GIS) have become synonymous with their application in all aspects of national resource management.

Geospatial information is valuable for understanding and better assessment of security program management to save lives, properties and establishments of communities for future economic stability.

For effective execution, GIS maps are essential in defence management during peacetime and wartime. Anticrime operations can efficiently be managed with geospatial data.

GIS digital maps, supplies and troop movements within the country as well as maximizing logistic operations. Air force and Navy uses GIS maps for, in time of peace and war for monitoring and movement planning.

Security monitoring applications require the support of Geographical Information System (GIS). GIS provides the means to change the spatial and time data of the security surveillance into geographic information, under GIS map elements.

GIS technology can assist police departments in determining resource allocation. Mapping technology can offer a visual representation of past criminal activities to establish where to establish an active presence.


ArcGIS Pro Latest Version.

ArcGIS Pro Latest Version.

As the GIS industry continues to evolve and advance, Esri has maintained its commitment to...


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