Fields available in the Drone industry

Many different industries use drones which makes it available in few fields, but drone profession qualifies for occupation in countless industries  which are:

Drone Engineers:

Drone engineers develop drones based on their knowledge of different branches of engineering, such as aeronautical, electronics and electrical, mechanical, and robotics engineering.

Their work involves reading and interpreting blueprints; researching, designing, and operating drones and drone systems, equipment, and processes.

Drone Manufacturers

They create drone parts such as blades, cameras, sensors etc. They manufacture the different part, they mould or build up drones.

There are many different types of jobs in drone manufacturing facilities; drone manufacturing workers may be drone assemblers or fabricators; cutters, solderers, or welders; machinists and tool and die makers; first-line supervisors; production managers, and quality control inspectors.

It  also consists of  wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, buyers or purchasing managers, and customer service representatives, among many others

Drone Manufacturing Workers

Drone manufacturers employ drone manufacturing workers to help them operate factory machines and oversee work processes and workers that produce drones. 

Drone Repair Technicians.

Drone repair technicians use their knowledge of electronics, machinery, and engineering to repair drones. Drone repair technicians are also knowledgeable about repairing wireless devices and systems. Drone repair technicians use various tools and techniques to fix drone issues such as broken outer shells, damaged propellers, and overheated motors.

Drone Repairer also fixes electronic controls and mainboards. drone technicians perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Technician conduct routine maintenance on UAV drones Troubleshoot malfunctioning or defective drones, and repair issues discovered.

Inspect drones for maintenance issues or possible malfunctions before flights and assist with the development of simulation exercises designed to test drones for real-world scenarios.

Drone pilot

Drone pilots operate unmanned aircraft systems (consists). They fly drones that range in size from those smaller than a computer mouse. The primary responsibilities of a drone pilot are to control and maintain an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). 

As a pilot, you perform a variety of duties, such as flying reconnaissance and taking aerial photography and aerial videography. In the military context, drone pilots operate UAVs which bomb targets from across the world.

Being a drone pilot’ means the ability to have a drone safely take off and land and it entails having mechanical skills, self-evaluation skills, ability to analyze information, problem-solving skills, computer skills, communication skills, and being able to multitask.



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