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A Drone is an unmanned aircraft that can fly freely and independently, with little or no human in control—For example, consider an aircraft that is under the control of a remote pilot for most but not all of a mission. The drone operator is the symbolically representative figure that incorporates the sensor operator (the person who fires and controls the missiles) and the mission intelligence coordinator (the person who ensures that the correctly identified target, which could be a person, is struck). There is no attempt at a measured analysis of the complexities of delivering lethal force. Drones operators are certified pilots who are capable of safely flying and landing a drone.


This is why Geoinfotech as a drone operating company, situated one of its offices in Lagos, with a working team of flight operators to conduct regular pre-flight inspections, launching, and recovery of the drones (aircraft). At Geoinfotech our services enable both private business and Government operations to be carried out efficiently at affordable costs. You’ll be trained to conduct regular maintenance of the drones, flight, and other equipment at our site to support ongoing operations. 


We are professionals yet very affordable, our unique drone pilots will give you the exact shots you need to make your projects shine, precise movements, pans, and more. we make sure we satisfy our clients at all times, it gives us so much pleasure seeing that smile on our clients’ faces or just that satisfactory handshake after sessions of drone service in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria, or even abroad. With all that has been said, give us a call let’s talk about your drone needs.


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