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We're a full-service Geo Information Technology agency providing solutions. We help businesses achieve their aims by unleashing their full potentials through modern and functional technologies that make them stand out amidst their competitors.
Our services include:

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We offer an outstanding professional website that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Web Services
  • * Domain Name registration
  • * Website Hosting
  • * Web Map Developments
  • * DNS Support, Ecommerce Support & Shopping cart

    • Web Services
    • * Domain Name registration for Co-operate bodies and individuals
    • * Unlimited web pages
    • * Search Engine Submission (to 10,000 search engines)
    • * Unlimited POP e-mails (
    • * Corporate Archives, FTP/Frontpage Extension
    • * Web Visitors Counter

    • * Photo Gallery, Online Downloads (Files)
    • * Multiple Forms - online, My SQL Server/ Database
    • * Dhtml, Links, Php Codes and Asp Codes
    • * Member Log on, Web mail Support
    • * Search Engine Submissions

    Our Map Analyses

    We Get you Quick and easy access to large volumes of data to Map, Analyse, Quarry and Manipulate your own world

    Geography Information System

    • We install GIS and Remote Sensing Software for Co-operate bodies and individuals
    • We organize trainings on GIS and Remote Sensing for Co-operate Bodies, Academic Institutions and Individuals
    • We sell GIS and Remote Sensing Data of any part of the world.
    • We provide GIS services for co-operate organizations.
    • * We engage in GIS and Remote Sensing Projects.
    • * We design GIS project Presentation Banner.

    We Create a Map that has the ability to:
    • * Select detail by area or theme
    • * Link or merge one dataset with another
    • * Analyze spatial characteristics of data
    • * Search for particular characteristics or features in an area
    • * Update data quickly and cheaply
    • * Model data and assess alternatives
    • * Output capabilities tailored to meet particular needs

    GPS & GIS Introduction

    This book covers a Basic view on the introduction of GIS and GPS, what they are, how they are been used and its benefit's
  • Brief History Of GIS
  • What Is GIS
  • General Components Of GIS
  • What To Do With GIS
  • Ways Of Collecting Data
  • What is GPS?
  • Steps to collect Data with GPS
  • How do GPS and GIS work
  • Checkout more stuffs on Geoinfotech

    Architechture Services

    • Archicad, Autocad Design
    • 3D and 2D Architecture Modelling Layout
    • Architecture Modelling Printing
    • Building Design
    • Brief Development
    • Applying for Planning Permission
    • Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier
    • Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)
    • Administrating the Building Contract

    • Coordinating other Consultants
    • Measurement Survey & Drawings
    • Condition Survey
    • Interior Design
    • Sustainability Advice and Design
    • Conservation skills
    • Project-management
    • Urban Design & Master-Planning
    • Dispute Resolution Services

    Drone Services

    • Flying, Renting of Drones
    • Aerial Photographs
    • Video Clips Live Broadcasts
    • Drone Training
    • Crowd Counting, using special people-recognition software.
    • Video Production Titles, voice-overs, music selection, editing and effects.
    • 360° Panoramas Post-flight splicing and loading to platforms.
    • Photogrammetry Creating 3D models from 2D aerial photos. Advisory
    • Image & Video Post-Processing if necessary.

    Other Drone Services

    • Drone Acquisition Platform-agnostic fleet advice.
    • Penetration Testing Simulate civilian drone 'attacks' on secure sites.
    • Anti-Drone Technologies White papers on how to counter drone threats
    • Corporate Drone Consulting including 'Management By Flying Around, legal industrial espionage, industry-specific drone business opportunities.

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    Why choose us?

    • Complete Web solution, SEO Data analysis, GIS Integration, Architecture modelling and Drone Mapper
    • Help companies to promote their business
    • Improve companies online presence
    • Better optimized employee survey data & trends
    • Help to improve product performance as compared to other competitor
    • Calculated industry data to understand competition in any niche
    • Best performing B-School team for dedicated support
    • 100% Transparent and shocking results
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